Toronto Apple dealer says Apple TV ‘flying off the shelves’

Apple Store“Canadian consumers can’t buy TV shows and movies through iTunes yet. But that’s no reason Apple dealers shouldn’t be enthusiastic about offering Apple TV to their customers, according to a member of the Apple Independent Retailers Council,” Kathleen Sibley reports for IT Business.

Sibley reports, “Ron Paley, also president of authorized Apple reseller Carbon Computing in Toronto, said the $349 (Canadian) device has been flying off the shelves.”

“We’re selling them as fast as we get them and it will keep growing in popularity,” says Paley,” Sibley reports.

Sibley reports, “Apple TV, a 20×20-centimetre box, works by wirelessly syncing to an iTunes library and connects to a widescreen TV via an HDMI port or component video and audio parts. It also comes with a built-in 40 GB hard drive, allowing you to stream and store any content from an iTunes library, including music and podcasts along with TV shows, video clips and movies.”

Sibley reports, “The fact that Canadians can’t buy iTunes content for TV yet is irrelevant, says Paley. ‘A lot of people have content on their Macs and PCs to begin with and you can put other content into iTunes,’ says Paley. ‘Is it as useful as it will be in a month’s time? No, but it will be.'”

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  1. First: the font situation on this redesign needs some immediate help!

    I would wager many tech savy Canadians have found ways to purchase content from the US store. It doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult. Any of our Canadian readers like to elaborate?

  2. This is bullshit. Apple TV’s aren’t flying off the shelves ANYWHERE, especially in Canada. That’s why Apple has specifically asked to NOT list the sales ranking of their Apple TV’s on’s website. Go ahead — check it out for yourself. Go to and take a look for yourself that there is no sales ranking information available for the AppleTV. agreed to do this because of their close relationship with Apple, since Apple pays the subsidies on the Mac rebates that are always going on on Apple does this to keep their Mac products in the Top 10 lists on Amazon’s site. Anyways, AppleTV is a completely abysmal failure.

  3. Toby,

    You’ve missed something.

    What’s important about this story is that they’re selling fast in Canada, where you can’t yet buy TV shows and movies through iTunes. That bodes well for the rest of the world, especially places where you can.

  4. iTunes probably isn’t as popular here as in the U.S. because P2P downloading of songs isn’t illegal. That does not extend to TV shows, so iTunes use might spike when programs can be downloaded.

    I don’t use iTunes because there are no songs there I can’t download free off the net, and because I use a Mac, I fear no evil from malware.

  5. I’m in Canada and no it’s not that easy because you need a U.S. based credit card. And I don’t know how i’d go about obtaining one. If i’m correct, Steve said there would be movies for sale in canada by next year. He said this last year. And there still aren’t any movies on the TV. Also the rights in canada are hard to understand because we do have some original programming, the bulk comes from the united states. There are 3 Major cross country networks here and 2 of them buy the rights for specific shows in canada. Which means that CTV here broadcasts CSI, and Global broadcasts How I met your Mother, also a CBS show. It’s this problem that has caused the stall. CTV purchased the rights to The West Wing for season 7, however they didn’t boardcast it at the same time as the US. which normally occurs. They broadcast it in the summer. So i’ll be happy once TV shows get to the itunes store, but i’m not holding my breath.

  6. I wasn’t being facetious. No Apple reseller anywhere, and especially in a business publication, would say anything about Mac users not buying from iTunes because they could get it for nothing with LimeWire or Aqlite or any other app considered to be Satan’s spawn in the States.

  7. Well, MacBill, here’s Ron Paley’s e-mail address. I’m sure you’ll want to call him a liar. So, put up or shut up and let us know how that goes.

    Re: “Sibley reports, ‘Ron Paley, also president of authorized Apple reseller Carbon Computing in Toronto, said the $349 (Canadian) device has been flying off the shelves.'”

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