Bill Gates considers trip into space

“The world’s richest man Bill Gates is considering a possible flight into space, a Russian cosmonaut said from International Space Station Wednesday, citing Gates’ colleague, current space tourist Charles Simonyi,” AFP reports.

“‘Charles said that Bill Gates is also preparing to visit space,’ cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin told journalists during a video link-up from the space station, broadcast on state television Rossiya,” AFP reports.

AFP reports, “Simonyi, who made his fortune at Microsoft, is the fifth tourist to travel to the ISS, following the United States’ Dennis Tito in 2001 and Greg Olsen in 2005, South Africa’s Mark Shuttleworth in 2002, and a US citizen of Iranian origin, Anousheh Ansari in 2006. Space Adventures plans to expand its offerings next year to include a 100-million-dollar trip around the moon…”

Full article here.
One way, please — and take Ballmer with you, if they make rockets big enough. Now Billy can put his money where his mouth is and make sure that the onboard life support systems are run by Windows Vista. That’d give new meaning to “hasta la Vista, baby,” huh?

On second thought, leave Uncle Fester here. Someone’s gotta stay to go down with the Microsoftanic.


  1. MDN, I’m shocked! If he were to take Ballmer with him, and something bad happened, MS might end up with leadership that knows what it’s doing. I wouldn’t want Apple to have to go up against Microsoft while they still have their IT monopoly, still have loads of cash, and have competent leadership!

  2. @scottm4321

    Gates – But I have a blue screen with a whole bunch of cryptic code on my terminal?

    Houston – We don’t know how to help you. Maybe you should have put Macs in instead.

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