Ballmer says pirates to blame for poor Vista sales

“Ballmer admitted to financial analysts that the predictions for Vista had proved ‘overly optimistic’ and he blamed the pirates in China, India, Brazil, Russia and other emerging markets,” Nick Farrell reports for The Inquirer.

Farrell reports, “He said that there was software within Windows Genuine Advantage which could be dialled up by [Microsoft] to make it even more tougher for the pirates to take out… Of course he is ignoring the fact that a lot of people are not buying Vista because it does not offer much more than XP and Windows Genuine Advantage makes their lives a misery. Cranking up WGA might backfire.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “drew_ill” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Ah, piracy, so that’s the problem. Thanks for clearing that up, Mr. Ballmer. And we thought it was people waking up along with the avalanche of “it’s a chrome-plated turd” reviews that had something to do with Stillborn, er, Long… uh, Vista’s slow sales. Moo.

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  1. Ballmer is a loon.

    1. He’s there because he was friends with Bill in college (though Bill dropped out)
    2. He’s emotionally unstable
    3. He completely misunderstands Microsoft’s position in the world
    4. He does not know anything about the concept of “creative destruction” which would be central to the process of re-invention for his company.
    5. He really needs to keep his tongue in his mouth…

  2. Unless you have an almost brand new box, who would go out and pay for Vista upgrade?

    The lack of family pack pricing is ludicrous, especially considering you either have to buy the dumbed down version to get it to run on your older hardware, or spend more money than your pc is worth trying to upgrade the hardware.

    I have 8 older PC’s at my office and home. It would cost roughly $1,400 just to upgrade, some to Vista Business and some to Vista basic. And none of them would be able to run full blown vista.

    Fortunately all my future upgrades will be to Macs anyway.

  3. hmmmmm……piracy, pirates, pirates of the carribean, disney movies, animated, animated movies, pixar

    I GOT IT! an animated movie about a pirate who steals from a partner and takes over the world!

    no no wait, thats real life….hold on…. okay her it is steve say this at the next event:

    ” so what has our competitor been up to recently? lets take a look, so far vista has been hacked 70 times and its only been out for a little less than three months, OSX has never been compromised and as people are getting more and more conscious of security this is what is the most important feature they are looking for, so today we are introducing the genuine apple advantage tool, which when downloaded and installed on your mac will automatically find windows based computers and send them a short article caling the computer a weiner! IPHONE BITCH!!!!”

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