Apple offers free demo of Vortex iPod game

“Apple has published a total of eleven premium games for the video iPod since first introducing downloadable games to the iTunes Store last September. But up to now, the only way of trying them has been to buy them. That’s no longer the case, as Apple is offering a free demo of its original brickbashing game, Vortex,” Peter Cohen reports for Playlist.

Cohen reports, “The demo version of the game contains two sample levels. The full version, which costs $4.99, includes an infinite number of levels and many bonus features.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Adam W.” for the heads up.]

See all of the iPod games via Apple’s iTunes Store here.

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  1. I bought Vortex when it was first released and it is a great game. The click wheel makes a wonderful video game joystick and actually adds enjoyment to the game. Much like playing Centipede is much better using the trackball and not a real joystick.

  2. This is only available in the U.S. store apparently…The games are available internationally, but not the freebie?? I’m tired of Apple treating anyone who lives outside the U.S. (like here in Canada) as third-rate users…

  3. “But as you approach infinity, your mass increases exponentially.

    In physics it’s known as the Glaser-Ballmer Phenomenon.”

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    Cleaning off my computer screen as I type this.

  4. Gil,

    Depends on the game. Texas hold ’em. Sudoku and Majong are my faves and play quite well. Games like Pac Man are a bit hard to control with the wheel. It’s amazing how once upon a time it took a machine as big as an arcade machine to play Pac Man, now it’s in our pockets. Obviously you couldn’t play Quake on a iPod (not yet) but for little time wasters like the ones i mentioned, oh and humble solitaire, it’s not bad. Chess or checkers may work to?

    Any chance of Apple allowing the common folk to make games for the Pod and have them available on iTunes. gameCasts, or gCasts.

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