MSNBC Mac user switches to Windows Vista and then right back to a Mac again

“This story is for anyone considering or interested in switching from Mac to Microsoft’s very beautiful new operating system, Windows Vista,” Joe Hutsko reports for MSNBC. “I made the switch several weeks ago, from my trusty 12” PowerBook to (at first) a 17” HP widescreen notebook.”

“Lucky for me the HP notebook was powerful enough to show off Vista’s much anticipated Aero touches. Indeed, the slightly milky, see-through glass-like style of overlapping windows is very attractive. I pressed Windows + Tab to see another cool Aero feature — Flip 3D — which overlaps windows for all running programs and documents like a Rolodex, shuffling the front screen to the back with each additional press of the Tab key. Positively gorgeous — and as useful as the Mac’s F9 Expose feature, which miniaturizes all open windows to fit on the screen so you can see everything in a single glimpse,” Hutsko reports.

MacDailyNews Note: A minor point, but Vista’s Flip3D is not as useful as Mac OS X’s Exposé feature. To find out why, please read Microsoft botches another copy job: Windows Vista Flip3D vs. Apple Mac OS X Exposé. Microsoft. Your frustration. Our fault.

Hutsko details the whole rigmarole of moving to Vista from a Mac, switches to a Dell 12” notebook, compares Vista to Mac OS X Tiger, switches to a Sony 13” laptop, and also writes about checking out Apple’s Leopard Sneak Peek online and how Macs can also run Windows via Boot Camp or virtualization solutions like Parallels Desktop for Mac.

After all this, including three different PC laptops with Vista over the course of a month, Hutsko reports, “And then it hit me, the reason why I switched from Mac to Windows Vista. Because it is new. Because I am naturally curious about most things tech, and not only because it’s my job. Because I believe in second chances. And thirds and fourths and fifths. For sure, I’m enormously impressed with Windows Vista to the point of respecting it as a choice for friends and family if they so choose.”

“But I really miss that peaceful, Zen-like quiet I felt with my Mac when I’d wake it up or put it instantly to sleep. For me, it just works right, without really having to think about it,” Hutsko reports. “So I decided to switch again. From Vista, back to the Mac — to the brand new, white MacBook on which I told this story.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: One of the most positive reviews of Vista we’ve seen, but, consider the source: MSNBC. Most other, arguably more independent reviews (see related articles below) have been far less charitable to Microsoft’s Windows Vista. Even so, Hutsko still ends up proving the old adage: Once you go Mac, you never go back.

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  1. To be fair – it’s easy to hate on MS. I’m sure Vista is better than what everyone is giving it right now. Personally, I’d love to play around with it so I don’t blindly judge MS’s product like most typical Apple fanbois do.

  2. MDN, you can pick one dilusional person amongst the hundreds of millions of people who get it, and try to extrapolate. This makes you look insane.

    Truth is, the OS war was over uears ago. The superior OS (Windows) won. Add to this, that the amazing features in Vista now make your toy of an OS even harder to justify, and the Apple lemings are left out in the cold.

    Keep trying to justify your existance, or join with what the real IT world has discovered YEARS ago. Windows offers too many advantages to be ignored. And the awsome innovation put forth in Vista make it even better.

    Your potential. Our Passion.

  3. It may be a fairly positive review of Vista but for this to appear on Microsoft-NBC is a huge slap in the face. The author confesses that new wonderkid Vista is rendered obsolete by Apple’s soon-to-be old operating system.

    I can’t believe it was posted.

  4. Hi MSCE-Zune Tang >/dev/null, how much do you get for this from uncle Fester….urr Bill?
    I think you should seriously consider getting a (real) job,
    and best nothing to do with IT. Stop posting your ill-informed nonsense around here, palease!

    The tide is shifting despite all the FUDders, and the wave is about to wash you out.

  5. Hey, MDN, I actually like the Flip thing that Vista has. Some company developed the same thing not too long ago that I downloaded and then ended up paying for the license. It’s pretty cool. It’s just a different way of doing the same thing that Expose does. They’re both effective. The MS version just takes more PC resources. Either way, they’re both good ideas and accomplish what they’re supposed to.

    But, everything on Vista is behind OS X, so let’s just keep the foot on the throat of Microsoft and see what happens.

  6. Shawn, Expose is NOT the same as Flip 3D. Wit Expose, you get to see ALL your Windows on screen at once. With Flip 3D you get to scroll through them.

    Not the same at all. Flip 3D is nowhere near as useful as Expose. Plus, it’s running on Windows.

  7. “MacDailyNews Take: Once you go Mac, you never go back.”

    I thought it was once you go black, you never go back??? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” /> Anyway, it’s definitley true about Macs. I switched about a year ago (from a Compaq craptop to MacBook Pro), and I don’t miss Windoze one bit.

  8. Hey Poon Tang, got any examples of how MS has created anything better than Apple? Sure gaming is apparently better on a PC, but that is mainly because of hardware and third party developers, not MS. You have got to be a paid shill for MS, there is no other explanation for your BS. Your rants are getting really stale, mix things up abit and provide some real examples, do enlighten us.

    MS = trapping consumers into it’s version of hell, Apple = freeing people to do their best.

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