Apple’s Schiller: We’re not getting out of the computer business

“First there was iPod, now there’s iPhone. The next phase of Apple’s plan to reinvent itself as a consumer electronics company was unveiled Tuesday by Apple CEO Steve Jobs, and it received a warm reception from Wall Street,’ The Associated Press reports.

“The touch-screen-controlled device plays music, surfs the Internet and delivers voice mail and e-mail differently than any other cell phone,” AP reports.

AP reports, “iPhone, introduced by Jobs during his keynote speech at the annual Macworld Conference and Expo in San Francisco, was accompanied by Apple TV, a set-top box that streams video from computers to television. the company is even getting a name change — from Apple Computer Inc. to just Apple Inc. — to better reflect its transition to a full-scale consumer electronics manufacturer and retailer.”

AP reports, “Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president for worldwide marketing, said Apple isn’t getting out of the computer business, despite the name change. It’s simply broadening its business. ‘We sell Macintoshes and will continue to do so and are very happy with that business,’ he said.”

Full article here.
Of course Apple Inc. isn’t getting out of the computer business. Mac market share and unit sales are growing and profitable – and, in fact, the iPhone itself is a Mac.

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  1. @ doh!

    Me too. This will be the end of things like FM transmitters for our cars, we’ll just stream to iCar stereos just like AppleTV.
    Does this mean Apple is finally building the in-dash I’ve been asking them for since the first docking bay iPod?
    I thought back then it would be neat to plug it directly in like a cassette tape. But shit, wirelessly streaming it works for me, too.


  2. coolfactor,

    I agree with the end-to-end part. But what if they had a say in the configurations that could hold MacOS X? I can see the down side being more problems in the variety of HW, but on the upside, a wider penetration of the OS.

  3. We saw a LOT of Leopard yesterday. It is looking very cool. You know what I can’t wait for? A 30″ monitor with the same sensors and apps just barely hinted at by the “finger pinch” photo app–Steve slipped and called it the best photo app ever, then qualified it by saying “on a mobile device” Can you imagine Aperture working that way? FCP? Logic? VectorWorks? Adobe CS? How about a tablet that is a little larger than the phone? Sanyo-Epson released info the other day about a 1920 x 1080 lcd that is 7″ diag. Over 300 ppi. My heart rate is elevating just thinking about the possibilities.

    That Schiller has to address this today is absurd. But, few people really “get” what is actually possible, and not just pedestrian.

    I’m stoked ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Apple won’t license the OS. It’s all about the OS, and how the OS gets to your fingers, eyes, ears, and brain. And dropping the “Computer” is the biggest hint.
    I think what they really want is to get rid of the hardware all together.


    MW: ‘soon’ (but not soon enough)

  5. You all have missed the big picture. This new device has something that will change the way everything in used. It’s the interface. All touch. This will make it’s way into all devices, all of them. From the Mac itself to the iPod to every electronic device made. Oh yea say good bye to your keyboard. This is big. Big Big BIG!

  6. Mark this date.

    Apple Computer – history!

    Apple Toys Inc – the future!

    Lap up all the “boom, it just works” you can for as long as it lasts but the Macintosh is headed for the museums of the world to be placed in the sections entitled: “how PCs changed the way we spend the day until we got bored because we couldn’t carry them in our pocket so Lord Jobs invented his version the cell phone with internet.”

  7. Apple will rule the home comsumer electronics industry soon. There is no doubt that Apple has big plans and TIVO and Replay and others better watch out. I would love to see a true intergrated apple DVR with my satellite system like directv had the tivo.

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