Apple shares hit new all-time high

Apple shares hit a new all-time high in early NASDAQ trading following yesterday’s Macworld Expo keynote presentation by CEO Steve Jobs in which the Apple TV and iPhone were introduced. Several brokerage firms this morning upped their price targets on Apple (see related article).

Shares of Apple, Inc. (AAPL) are currently trading at $94.89, up $2.32, or 2.51% on heavy volume of 21,420,983.

Apple’s previous 52-week high was $93.16, set on 11/27/2006.

Apple’s 52-week low was $50.16, set on 07/14/2006.

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  1. The price got all the way down to $7.03 in 200, so 100 shares would have cost you 703 dollars plus commission (say 10 bucks) for total cast basis of $713.00.
    As of this moment, AAPL is at $94.96, so 100 times that is $9,496.00. If you sold at that price, subtracting that 10 bucks again, you would have made a profit of $8773.00.

  2. AAPL is wonderful. I buy their stock and it allows me to buy their products to make more money to buy their stock again. It’s a wonderfully vicious cycle. And the AAPL in the retirement account has been wonderful, too.

  3. ChrissyOne –

    You forgot the stock split in 2005. I bought (I think in 2003) 100 shares at $17 plus $69 commission – let’s say $1800 for round numbers. I now have 200 shares worth almost $95 – or $19000.

    Oh why didn’t I get 1000 shares instead of 100? Sigh. MDN Magic Word “back” if I only knew then I would have gotten 5000 shares!

  4. I wonder what rock “Stock Boy” and “Sell Sell Sell” are hiding under right now. Gawd, but they (he? she?) must be flogging themselves now, having recommended that we short AAPL last summer as it headed for the low 40’s. (HA!)

    Just goes to show you: PC Apologist(s) and their ilk know NOTHING about innovation, growth, and designing products for real people, not fat-mouthed, so-called power-users.

    MSFANBOYS: Watch your MonkeySoft stock languish in the high 20’s, low 30’s for the remainder of this decade, at least. You deserve it.

  5. Speaking of Micro$oft, where’s my “Phune”? Surely Billy and Ballmy must have some kind of knock-off waiting in the wings for Zune Tang and his ilk to salivate over!

    But wait . . . Didn’t his Steveness say that Apple had PATENTED most of the iPhone as it was being developed? Curses! What will the BallmerBoys do NOW, since they can’t just repackage, rebrand, and steal Apple’s ideas?

    Woe is them, woe is them.

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