Enderle: Apple’s iPhone is going to do very well

Apple finally put to rest months of speculation by announcing the iPhone today. “I think the iPhone’s going to do very well,” says The Enderle Group’s principal (and only, unless you count his wife) analyst Rob Enderle. “Done right, this could shoot through the cell phone market rather nicely,” he says.

Enderle thinks there will be “some background drama” between Apple and Cisco over the “iPhone” name (see related article below). In typical ludicrous fashion, Enderle describes URGE and Rhapsody as “more advanced” services than Apple’s iTunes Store.

Enderle also thinks “Apple TV” is a better brand for the product than “iTV.” Regarding Apple TV’s potential, “It’s all about content,” Endlere says (even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes).

Enderle spoke with MarketWatch’s Tracy Johnke via a cell phone that can’t hold a candle to Apple’s iPhone.

Listen to the audio report here.

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  1. This guy is a real distraction on a day when Steve sent shockwaves through the personal computer world.

    Apple’s getting out of the serious world of computer hardware/software in favor of the toy business.

    That’s the story. Not something this idiot says about the damn phone Steve finds so captivating – as in captivating the skulls full of mush who buy all this gizmos, gadgets, and eye candy.

  2. did they have to partner with Cingular for the iPhone? their service is terrible. tons of drop outs, lost calls, etc. i was actually going to flip over to a Mac for this, but i’m definitely not buying an iPhone until they partner with a carrier that can deliver a reliable signal to your phone. it’s going to mean downloading anything to your iPhone will take forever! Cingular is about the worst choice they could have made for quality. no thanks.

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