Apple to introduce ‘Mac nano’ device?

“‘The first 30 years were just the beginning.’ Does this bold statement portend a new iPod video with a full face touch screen? A set top box that can stream video content to your television? A wireless phone that is also a full fledged iPod with the slickest design and operation you can imagine? No, these products may all very well appear at Macworld, but this has got to be about the future of personal computing. Apple did ignite the personal computer revolution and then reinvent it after all,” Bob Snow writes for O’Grady’s PowerPage.

Snow writes, “I think Apple will introduce a nano-computer, masquerading as a smart-phone . Basically a tablet computer the size of a Treo or Blackberry with a far more clever input method, full face screen and some version of iLife running on it. Ideally it would be a stand alone wireless nano-computer running OS-X. Think of all the capabilities of a MacBook combined with a phone. Dock it on your desk with a wireless keyboard, mouse and full screen monitor and it would be your home computer. Take it on the road and it would be your laptop. Put it in your pocket and it would be your phone, camera and your iPod.”

Full article here.
Only 25 hours to go!

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  1. Could this be my first “first post”? Was just about to read the article when I noticed there were no comments yet so I had to do it. Tomorrow might actually find me in my local Apple Store for the announcements…

  2. Apple needs to add a mid level Mac between the Mac Pro and the Mac Mini. I am in need of such a computer. My PB 550 is getting long in the tooth and there is nothing in the lineup that I would purchase that fits my needs.

  3. The writer wrote…“And, one more thing….. iLife for Windows.”

    I have long believed that iLife for Windows (with certain built-in limitations) would be a fantastic way to lure WinDoze users in to seeing that it isn’t just iTunes, it is inherently MAC. As far as the NANO device goes, I’d probably take one if even falling somewhere between the Blackberry/phone idea and a full fledged OSX nano-computer.

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