Boston Globe: Is legendary Apple CEO Steve Jobs on the way out?

“Apple Computer Inc.’s chief executive, Steve Jobs, is expected to captivate an audience of thousands at San Francisco’s Moscone Convention Center tomorrow as he unveils Apple’s newest products at the company’s annual trade show,” Hiawatha Bray reports for The Boston Globe.

Bray reports, “But this year’s show-and-tell is more keenly anticipated than most, and not just because Apple’s expected to offer a combination cellphone-digital music player, along with a way to beam video and music from personal computers to home stereos and TV sets. Some industry-watchers think the appearance could be Jobs’s last, because the company was caught back-dating stock options.”

Bray reports, “‘If Steve Jobs were anything other than what he is, he’d already be gone,’ said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle Group, a high-tech research firm. ‘There was a crime committed . . . it looks like Steve Jobs was kind of the ringleader.'”

Bray reports, “Jobs’s renowned perfectionism and his love of elegant design are credited for most of the company’s success. That’s why Apple investors and the company’s board are desperate to shield Jobs from the scandal, said Lucian Bebchuk, director of the Program on Corporate Governance at Harvard Law School. Apple stock jumped nearly 5 percent last month after the board issued a report from a panel led by former Vice President Al Gore that concluded Jobs had broken no laws. ‘It’s clear that the board very much wanted him to stay,’ Bebchuk said. ‘The market likes an outcome under which he can stay.'”

“Jobs is also under scrutiny for apparent options backdating at Pixar Animation Studios, the computer animation company he once owned. While Jobs himself never got Pixar options, the company used them to reward other top executives, including John Lasseter, director of hit Pixar movies like ‘Toy Story,'” Bray reports. “Walt Disney Co. bought Pixar for $7.4 billion in 2006. Jobs is now one of the largest shareholders in Disney and sits on the company’s board. Thus his involvement with options backdating could tarnish not one but two legendary firms.”

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  1. give us a break…

    “Rob Enderle” …. how is he quilified to make a statement on ESOP back-dating ?

    Blobs have become more informative than the established press.

    Email the Globe and tell them what a joke the story is given its sources.

  2. “Bray reports, “‘If Steve Jobs were anything other than what he is, he’d already be gone,’ said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle Group, a high-tech research firm. ‘There was a crime committed . . . it looks like Steve Jobs was kind of the ringleader.'”

    Already dismissed as crap.

  3. Oops, let me edit that…

    “Bray reports, “‘If Steve Jobs were anything other than what he is, he’d already be gone,’ said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at Enderle Group, some old guy, his wife, and a crappy website that issues press releases based on no truth or real research whatsoever. ‘There was a crime committed . . . it looks like Steve Jobs was kind of the ringleader.'”

    there… that’s better.

  4. The only way SJ is leaving Apple will be in a box.

    Apple is the first company he created.

    I can’t see him leaving for many years yet – the Apple Board would’nt allow it, he’s turned around the company in such a quick and amazing way.

    Alot of CEOs could never have done that, infact I would say that any other CEO would have resigned by now – it was one hell of a Mammoth Undertaking.

  5. Folks, Steve Jobs committed a FEDERAL CRIME. He committed FRAUD. And although he is a legendary visionary, he acted ILLEGALLY & UNETHICALLY. He really has no choice but to step down. If he doesn’t, the Federal Investigators may force him to step down. If this was any other man or any other company, you guys would be shouting bloody murder, but the truth of the matter is that Apple cannot survive without Steve Jobs and so we are all scared sh**less about Steve Jobs being forced out. I’m just as worried as anybody else, but he committed a major crime. Here’s some good articles outlining this:

  6. Headlines for grabbing hits…

    Is Rob Enderle an islamic terrorist?

    Does Enderle ‘kind of’ smoke meth?

    Do Ferrari laptops make Enderle a better lover? We ask other employees at The Enderle Group for their thoughts.

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