Apple to call its cell phone ‘iPhone’ after all?

“Maybe Apple will get to call its cell phone the iPhone after all,” David Berlind blogs for ZDNet. “Today, a trusted source forwarded to me via email the following summary detailing the history of the trademark and the secret negotiations between Apple and Cisco that are underway right now, as I write this blog:”

• Apple has known about the iPhone trademark for years and approached Cisco starting in December 2001
• Cisco declined because of existing and planned product lines
• Apple has approached Cisco 3 times over the past year for rights to the iPhone trademark
• Cisco again declined because of existing and planned product lines
• More recently (last few weeks) high level negotiations for a “shared approach”
• It seems that in this case both an Apple cell phone and a Cisco VOIP phone would co-exist with the iPhone branding
• I think these discussions are still active and ongoing

Full article with much more here.

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  1. Well, I think they should call it something else, but I can see why they would want to keep the iBranding. Everyone’s calling it that anyway. So, why has Cisco been sitting on it all these years? $$$

  2. iPhone is an awful name – after so many “i” products, it’s dull, repetitive, unimaginative, and boring.

    The same for iTV.

    Let’s hope this is a bad rumors, and Apple comes up with something that can stand on its own alongside “Mac” and “iPod” instead of merely being derivative.

    Case in point – imagine how dull the Nintendo Wii would have been if it stuck by its codename “Revolution.” There’s nothing more non-revolutionary than to call something Revolutionary with a capital R.

  3. NewType,

    iTV is just a code name. That product will be re-introduced on Tuesday under its official name. I wouldn’t mind if they kept the iTV moniker.

    As for iPhone, that’s also a good name because it’s catch, has mental tie-ins with Apple, which is a good thing, and simple.

    Share some of your ideas for a better name.

  4. All a diversion. The wireless iPod will be much more than a “phone.” It will be much more than a phone that plays music. It will not be called “iPhone.” There’s a lot more you can do with wireless connectivity than make phone calls.

  5. I doubt this rumor even assuming there’ll be an Apple mobile phone. It’s so unlike Apple, not to mention the possibility of PR and advertising nightmares. Apple has no control over the quality of Cisco iPhone and any problems with it could potentially sabotage Apple iPhone. Or perhaps they get angry for not finding the features after watching a Cisco iPhone ad. A lot of customers won’t make the distinction between Cisco iPhone and “Apple iPhone; an iPhone is an iPhone.

    Also, speaking of branding, a pod has nothing to do with MP3 player, yet the iPod brand is one of the strongest consumer brand. I believe in Apple marketing (changing iBook to MacBook notwithstanding) to come up with a catchy brand.

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