‘It’s About Time’ to learn Apple’s iPhoto

“It’s About Time” Products today announced “It’s About Time” to learn iPhoto, designed exclusively for users new to iPhoto.

Users will learn how to import photos from a digital camera, organize them into albums, edit using the crop tool, and share with your friends and family. Users don’t have to memorize steps because the software features step-by-step notes – cleverly designed on a sheet of paper behind the iPhoto window.

“It’s About Time” to learn iPhoto features Saied, an instructor who shows you iPhoto, then asks you to do what he does, as if he was sitting right next to you.

“As we all know, technology becomes more complex by the day. Books are getting thicker and thicker, and we’re forgetting about beginners,” said Saied Ghaffari, “It’s About Time” Products’ CEO, in the press release. “The best way to learn is when someone is with you, talking to you, and showing you what to do. Then, you trying it after you’ve seen them do it. We’ve created an easy to use learning tool designed around this concept. We’re introducing our first product with one of the most popular apps on the mac, iPhoto. Everyone has a digital camera and so many people want to get started importing, organizing, editing, and sharing their photos. We built ‘It’s About Time’ to learn iPhoto for them. My mom’s going to love it.”

“It’s About Time” to learn iPhoto for Mac is available for $14.95 (download) and $19.95 (CD + download) now from http://www.itsabouttimeproducts.com/


  1. Unfortunately, books aren’t getting thicker and thicker as cheapskate companies are putting them on CDs as PDFs. Oh for the days when you could work your way through a quality software manual and not have to print out on reams and reams of paper or use a split screen to work out how programmes work.

  2. Nice little Flash demo. Dunno if it will sell, but the author comes across as friendly and helpful in the demo. I would like to see his presentation on a few more aspects of the application, so I guess that others would too.

  3. hotinplaya: The only thing I hope iPhoto will get from Picasa is the quick interface, with smooth fades between effects and states.

    Beyond that, Picasa is hopeless for actually organizing your photo library, and the interface takes up too much of the screen to actually show off your photos. On a 15″ PowerBook, photos really stand out in iPhoto; on a 17″ PC monitor, pictures viewed in Picasa take up maybe 25% of the screen. (default views for both apps, maximized, etc.) Picasa’s UI has gone really confusing and clutter-y lately.

    What iPhoto needs is Flickr-like tagging and title/comment editing, both on import and with photos already in the library.

  4. @ MacDaddy-Oh!: I use the most excellent ‘iPhoto Library Manager’, which is freeware. It allows you to maintain multiple iPhoto libraries. The help notes don’t mention using different hard drives, but I keep my extensive archive of work images on an external FireWire drive and haven’t experienced any problems.


  5. Seen and heard at the “it’s about time” company headquarters last fall…

    “OK.. the boss said we should get an iPhoto book out. Hmmmm let’s see” (typing sounds)

    Chapter 1. How to load pictures from your camera to your mac….
    A. Turn your computer on.
    B. Turn your camera on.
    C. Plug your camer in.

    “Whew, I’m tired. I need a break.”

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