Apple #1 on’s MP3 players, notebooks, and desktops bestsellers lists

“Apple currently holds the top spot in three categories at MP3 players, notebooks and desktops,” Jason D. O’Grady blogs for ZDNet.

“The MP3 category isn’t that surprising considering the success of the iPod. The notebook category is dominated by two MacBooks which isn’t that surprising either because they run Windows seamlessly and have the best price-to-performance ratio of any Macs ever built,” O’Grady reports.

O’Grady reports, “The real coup for Apple is with Amazon’s desktop category where the iMac dominates the first and second spots. In fact, Apple really owns the entire top 10 of true desktops because the Mac mini is number seven and all the other items in the category are books or accessories.”

Full article with links to the Amazon Bestsellers lists here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “LinuxGuy and Mac Prodigal Son” for the heads up.]


  1. Proves little as consumers have considerably less requirements than a typical business. Let’s talk about the corporate world, shall we? Apple has no Active Directory equivalent for large businesses. Apple has no Exchange Server equivalent for large businesses. Apple has no Sharepoint equivalent for large businesses. Apple has no Office 2007 equivalent for large businesses. SMS, Live Communication Server… and on and on.

    Get over the OS; by itself it means little. And business could care less about iLife.

  2. When I do a Reality Check it turns out that I could care less about business. Corporations can buy all the peecees they want with all the crappy software they want. Once 5 o’clock rolls around I will happily shut down all of that annoying software, put my peecee craptop away and head home to the warm glow of my Mac, OS X and iLife.

    I think this proves a lot. Consumers aren’t making buying decisions based on what is used in the workplace so junior can get a leg up on the competition. In addition, the workplace computing experience has clearly shown that it’s worthless asking the myopic IT guy for advice on what computer they should get at home. Who wants that in their house? Malware attacks and the accumulation of digital content which requires powerful organization and enrichment tools is opening the eyes of consumers.

    Maybe business will get it, maybe they won’t. Whatever. I’m glad I don’t have to work on TPS reports at home.

    Interoperability is a very long word. Can you spell IT?

  3. Reality Check

    You need to come back to reality. Amazon primarily sells to consumers. Apple is going after the consumer market right now and they are making very good progress. You do not like that so you try and change it to “corporate world”. Granted your stated shortcomings are correct but Apple is going after the consumer market first and then will go after the “corporate world”. When Apple decides to go after the corporate world they will slowly gain in that market as well.

  4. I don’t think shortages make that big a deal to most people. Sure, it’s annoying, but the decision to buy a Mac is a pretty well-thought-out decision for most people because it feels very high-end. People don’t run to Ford because their Ferrari is going to take few months to hand build. In fact,a little bit of a shortage suggests desirability.

    As Martha would say, “It’s a good thing.”

  5. Though it’s nice to see, Apple notebooks and desktops on Amazon’s “top 10” list means very little. Apple has dominated the Amazon list for the past three years. Dell does not sell computers on Amazon. And in general, people don’t typically buy PC’s through amazon.

  6. Interesting that the current #1 on the MP3 list is the 30GB iPod, which is a higher-end item. I would have expected the iPod shuffle to be there at the top spot; it’s currently #2. That means great revenue for Apple.

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