Griffin debuts ExpressCard/34 5:1 Card Reader

Griffin Technology has announced a new ExpressCard/34 5:1 Card Reader (US$29.99) that allows users to transfer files from digital camera cards at high speeds.

The 5:1 Card Reader slides into your MacBook Pro’s ExpressCard/34 slot and lets you use any of 5 types of popular memory cards at USB 2.0 speeds.

• Read and write memory cards
• Supports Memory Stick PRO™, Memory Stick™, SD™ Memory Card, MultiMediaCard™ and xD-Picture Card™
• Supports, with your card adapter, Memory Stick Duo™, Memory StickMicro™, miniSD™, microSD™, RS-MC™, MMCplus™, MMCmobile™
• Plug-and-play, no drivers required
• No batteries required, powered via ExpressCard/34 slot
• USB 2.0 High-Speed

More info here.


  1. I agree with Snapper, to a degree…

    I have an 8GB CF drive in my camera that, while slower than an a solid state CF card, is more than sufficiently fast enough for my needs, and means it has never come close to being filled up (and I have taken as many as three hundreds photos between downloading to the computer (which does take a bloody long time, but so what, it would either way)

  2. Who makes these decisions?

    No compact flash.
    No Memory stick pro?


    no sale to those of us who aren’t photo pros but prefer excellent equipment.
    (like using a damn MBP)

    Thjis is really pissing me off and it is only Monday.

    Someone please get me a bloody drink.

    MW= language, as in i better watch my language or I’ll get coal in my stocking.

  3. umm, are you guys blind?

    • Read and write memory cards
    • Supports Memory Stick PRO™”

    and, the compact flash card is too big for the express card slot, its a limitation of the size. just use a USB reader.

  4. the only people that use MacBook pros and would be about buying a ExpressCard card reader would be pros.

    Pros use Compact Flash – there’s something to be said about the physical size of CF – its small, but not so small that you’re afraid of losing them like with SD, SD mini, SD Micro, MemoryStick Micro Pro, etc.

    this is a pointless product.

    i love Griffin, but this product has no market.

  5. To uhhh…

    Most pros don’t use micro drives because of their early falure rates, Also you don’t want to drop one and then second guess the unit when you have important work to do.
    Personally I’ll use a slower cf before taking a chance on a micro drive.

  6. I don’t know if you guys noticed this or not, but the potential transfer rate of this slot is rated many times greater than this adapter’s USB 2.0 transfer rate. Why is this not capable of higher speeds?

    Aside from this serious speed limitation and the fact that I cannot use my CF card with this adapter, I’ll stick with my $10 USB 2.0-based Reader and save the Express Card slot for something more useful like a dual channel e-SATA card.

  7. Maybe it’s just me, but for a CF card to fit into a Expresscard 34 slot, the adapter would have to stick out. I’m sure there are cards that do that, but it’s clear they were going for a card that had a zero-footprint.

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