Apple and Orange cut broadband Mac deal in France

“Apple has joined forces with Orange to offer a package of broadband internet and computer hire to French consumers,” Matt Chapman reports for

Chapman reports, “The two firms plan to hire out a MacBook laptop and provide a 1Mbps broadband connection for just €2 (£1.34) a day.”

“Apple and Orange hope that the €60 (£40) a month deal will appeal to younger French citizens who do not typically buy microcomputers or subscribe to broadband internet services,” Chapman reports.

Chapman reports, “Apple will take €35 of the €60 fee to cover the €418 cost of the entry-level MacBook and the technical support.”

Full article with more details and links here.


  1. And now we know how much a mac book costs Apple. Unless they are wrong about the €418 cost.

    It still irks me that Apple products in the States are +-25% cheaper than in Europe, and don’t let me get started about South Africa, Here the price difference is about 30%. Unless the prices quoted in the US Apple Store exclude sales taxes – then the difference would not be so bad, but still bad enough

    In order for Apple to also increase their market share in the rest of the world, they need to do something to make the price more atttractive.

    just my 2 cents (US)

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