Pioneer Press: Only Apple Macs can run Mac OS X or Windows (or both)

“I’m in the market for a new computer, but I’m biding my time,” Julio Ojeda-Zapata reports for The St. Paul Pioneer Press. “One reason I’m waiting: Both Microsoft and Apple Computer are releasing major new versions of their operating systems early next year. Though I could buy a Windows PC or a Macintosh now, and install updated system software later, it’s simpler to get a computer with its new OS preinstalled.”

MacDailyNews Take: Obviously, since Apple controls the whole widget, upgrading the OS on a Mac is a trivial task compared to trying to do an upgrade with Windows from Microsoft on a PC from some other outfit. Of course, nothing’s simpler than to get a computer with its new OS preinstalled, but to equate updating OSes for Mac and Windows is ludicrous.

Ojeda-Zapata continues, “Shopping for a PC is trickier than looking for a Mac. All new PCs will run Windows Vista, which is replacing the long-in-the-tooth Windows XP. But some PCs will run Vista (available for consumers Jan. 30) better than others. Microsoft has complicated matters by releasing five versions of Vista, so make sure you know exactly what you’re getting.”

“Shopping for a Mac is a lot less stressful. Buy a new machine, and it’s guaranteed to run the new Leopard version of Mac OS X when it’s released sometime in the spring,” Ojeda-Zapata writes, “I’m considering an all-in-one desktop Mac, but I won’t buy now because I suspect the existing design (which dates back to August 2004) is about to be revamped. Apple’s Macworld Expo in January is its traditional venue for big product announcements — including, possibly, new Macs — so wait at least until then.”

Zapata writes, “A Mac may be right for you regardless of whether you do OS X or Windows (or both). That’s the beauty of newer Macs with Intel chips: They double as fully functional Windows PCs. Apple offers Boot Camp software for installing both operating systems. And Boot Camp’s features will be rolled into Leopard next year.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “GoldFishy” for the heads up.]
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  1. I finally bit the bullet and bought a new iMac, I was going to wait until Leopard was thrown in but since I’m gonna buy a family pack for my other machines so it’s not much of a concern. There is always the chance that the iMac could be upgraded or that something else will come out but if that happened I would end up waiting for a second rev model to work out any kinks, lower the price, increase the spec etc. Ultimately, I’ve been waiting to get this thing almost since the intels first came out. I just had to bite the bullet, plus since I plan to upgrade every 3 years or so and am overdue as it is, I’m now that little bit closer to my next upgrade.

    All that said, the main gist of the benefits of Mac buying is correct and good to see.

  2. >”Buy the fastest computer you can now. Period.”

    I disagree. It is always better to to wait for the latest/greatest because you will kick yourself if you don’t. I know this from personal experience and from every one else I know. We always regretted getting our new computers when the next model was released. So by al means, WAIT !

  3. The article was clearly written by a PC user who’s interested in dabbling with the Mac. What he doesn’t realize is that he’s more likely to end up a Mac user who dabbles with PC stuff when he has to run some Windows-only crappy software!

  4. Tommyboy-With that logic you would never buy a new computer. There will always be a “latest/greatest” thing in the pipe line.

    Chris-Julio Ojeda-Zapata has always written positively about the Macintosh and Apple. He’s never trashed them and frequently tells people to switch.

  5. Yeah, but Macworld is in a couple or three weeks. Unless you’re on a system that is ancient, or has just died, I can’t see a compelling reason to buy a system literally hours before it could be substantially updated for the same price…

    My reason for not getting one is a severe lack of funds.

  6. Buy whatever computer you need right now. There is no reason to get the latest and greatest just to surf the web and check email. You can (and I do) on a three and a half year old laptop. Anything you buy now from Apple will easily be able to work for at least three years and probably up to five years depending if you are a power or casual user. Blanket statements of “wait and buy the latest” are probably bad advice because everyone has different uses. My advice would be to think about what you need now and what you think you’ll need in two years and get one that fits that. Make sure you are happy with what you get now and if you are, you can still be happy with it after the next gen comes out.

  7. I committed to my iMac because as I said, I had been putting it off for a long time waiting for upgrades, more for the same price, entirely new models, second revs etc. I could have waited for MacWorld and maybe something new but then I would have waited for the reviews, any bugs to work themselves out and I’d be back where I started. I got a discount due to their one day sale, nothing huge but a discount is a discount. Even if something new does come out, I won’t be overly disappointed – the iMac as it is now is hardly crap.

  8. With Apple, it’s always best to buy just after new announcements…and best to hold on before new announcements.


    There were a lot of suckers here last year moaning about how they just bought iMacs in December.

    This year, loads of products are at high risk of upgrade

    iMac could get a new shape
    MacBooks could get a new shape
    iPod video?
    iPhone = Nano + abit more

  9. I usually never buy this close to a MacWorld but I had to bite the bullet this time.

    I actually bought a Macbook Pro 17″ last week “for my partner”. She really needs a computer now but it’s really strange that I’ve spent a lot more time with it than she has!!!

    I’m waiting for Santa Rosa in the spring, Or sooner, before I retire my Powerbook.

  10. My step-daughter is just now shopping for the best iBook she can find. And I agree with her. Yeah, you heard me … sounds dumb, on the surface. But, she has a lot of stuff she uses regularly that runs in Classic! Doesn’t want to update – it would be rather expensive. She knows next round will be a killer, and she’s willing to procrastinate on that, too.

    Face it, sometimes trailing edge is the only stuff you can afford – at any price.

    DLMeyer – the Voice of G.L.Horton’s Stage Page

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