Apple now shipping 2G iPod shuffle orders

MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention specifically have let us know that they have received confirmation that their iPod shuffles have shipped from Apple’s online store.

AppleInsider readers also confirm that the tiny aluminum iPod is now on the way to them:

This past Sunday, a handful of customers who placed orders for the $79 clip-on player through Apple’s online store reported receiving shipment confirmations by email and charge verifications to their credit cards. “Just got an email confirmation this morning that my 2nd gen iPod Shuffle has shipped,” said one Apple Store customer. “Delivery is expected by Nov. 3.”

AppleInsider’s article in full here.

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  1. Those of you that have begun receiving your Shuffle orders I ask a favor. I track Appl’es sales on their online store. Please provide me with your order number (W) and order date. I don’t need any info on what you bought, or the invoice number. This is for tracing purposes only, and I will be happy to share what I learn with each contribution.

    I’m also looking for invoice numbers from iTMS purchases made Oct 1 or later. I could really use an invoice number from Oct 1.

    Thanks in advance

    Gregg Thurman

  2. That’s not such an ass mistake to make.

    There needs to be better terminology.

    2G is just awful. G2 is better, it worked for PowerPCs…

    Since there were 2GB 1G nanos and there are 2GB 2G nanos and every other combination thereof, it’s getting pretty silly.

    I’m talking about for regular folk, not us geeks, the bulk of whom buy iPods and aren’t clue-full like us.

    Even Apple isn’t sure how to say it because some product retail stickers say G2, some 2G.

    I say quit trying to be abbreviated and unixy and spell it out more as:

    1GB, 1st Gen
    2GB, 2nd Gen
    32GB, 4th Gen (whatever)


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