Run Windows apps on Apple Macs without Microsoft Windows

Mac OS X users can now run Windows applications on their desktop with 2X ApplicationServer’s Mac client. 2X ApplicationServer is available for free for up to 5 connections at:

With 2X ApplicationServer, any Windows application can be tunneled from a Microsoft Terminal Server via RDP onto a Mac desktop.

“With the 2X ApplicationServer Mac client, we want to address all those companies that use Apple Macintosh PC’s as part of their IT infrastructure and need to run Windows applications on those machines. Now they can continue to use Windows applications which are not available as Mac versions,” said Nikolaos Makris, 2X CEO, in the press release.

2X ApplicationServer tunnels any Windows application onto remote desktops, including Mac and Linux desktops, without the need to install the application onto each user’s machine. This saves significantly on administration and support. Organizations can install applications onto one central server and use 2X ApplicationServer to seamlessly tunnel up to 5 connections per server onto remote desktops.

2X is offering a free 5 application license of 2X ApplicationServer for Windows Terminal Services available at:

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  1. Citrix has had an OSX client for a long time, Microsoft has an RDP Client. While this provides an option to Citrix or using RDP because you can manange what is published, like Citrix does, its appears to be less expensive than Citrix, I don’t see it offering any signifcant advantage over Citrix other than Cost.

  2. Alex I read their requirements. It seems that they target larger IT shops and that the product is more suited for manaing several computers not just one or 2. It also requires Windows Server software.

  3. This isn’t like remote desktop or the citrix client. It lets you publish the application rather than the whole desktop and it does this without even having to install an application on the client machine. I’ve been working on migrating our new car dealerships to Apple and this is something that I’ve been looking for since we need to run a dealer management application on all clients.


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