Will Apple begin creating its own music, TV, film content?

“Apple will begin creating its own content, commissioning original programming by acting as a label and studio,” Daniel Eran writes for RoughlyDrafted. “Think I’m exaggerating or speculating beyond reason?”

Consider the following facts about:
• the music business
• the movie business
• the TV business

“…where things are headed, and how Apple is involved,” Eran writes. “For each, I’ll show why Apple’s involvement is far more significant than the mainstream media seems to understand… A lot of signs are pointing away from existing models of ad supported TV and big budget movies, and toward paid content produced directly for viewers. After building a differentiated source of on-demand, alternative content, is it even a surprise that Apple will soon start commissioning its own original content, and continue to expand its efforts to provide an audience to other sources of original content?”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Macaday” for the heads up.]


  1. nah. The Beatles won’t allow it.

    But then .. The Beatles are a bunch of geriatric burn-outs, so maybe they won’t be able to cause much trouble from behind the walls of the old folks home. ahahaha

  2. I told all my family members exactly this. Apple will begin to offer recording studios to the next generation artists. Currently, and like years past, Apple is taking incremental steps toward the ultimate model. Why incremental steps, because they have learned from the mistakes made with the Newton-The market was not ready for all it had to offer.

  3. If you read the footnote from Daniel Eran he is asking for help to stop his articles from being buried on Digg by M$ fanboys who are deliberately setting out to bury all his articles. Get Digging and let’s get the truth further out there! As he says, his readership rockets if his articles are well Dugg.

    His articles do promote Apple of course, because he rates it highly like most of us. He puts up interesting ideas and propositions, often well backed up by arguments and example.

    Go straight to the Digg page here:


  4. I don’t think this will happen.

    If Apple did this, it would give the other studios even more urgency to create a more powerful alternative – they would throw in their lot with Microsoft, Google, or even Real. Since the studios are the content owners, they still wield a lot of power. Apple is at the top right now but it doesn’t have enough power yet to be sure it can top that.

    I think Apple is satisfied to make great products that help others to create, distribute, and consume content, whether the content is commercial or personal (podcasts, blogs, chat, etc).

    I think the next step is whether Apple will enter the distribution of free ad-supported content; the next moves with and after the release of the iTV will tell us. Right now, Apple seems okay with just the paid&owned; distribution portion while all the broadcast/cable networks (and YouTube/Myspace/Yahoo/Google) do the ad-supported stuff on their own.

  5. 2nd on that Firefly comeback.

    With the hardware and software offerings they already have, they are putting a lot of tools in the hands of content creators – why not link this directly to the distribution system.

  6. I am not sure about this. I get the feeling that Apple has decided that it is going to be a supplier of services, software and hardware not the content they use, to any great extent anyway. It probably feels that if it took that route it would further worry the record labels, tv companies and studios. If Apple was seriously thinking of branching into content in a big way then I would have thought it would have been interested in creating a youtube or myspace type business (before I knew what they were) which a few years back I rather presumed would be a natural attachment to the iTunes ecosystem to drive content separate to, and independent of the labels. They didn’t do it, yet surely this is much more Apple territory than producing the actual content itself.

    If they just didn’t see the opportunity then why not show interest in aquiring either business once their potential had been shown, yet not even a peep. Wouldn’t they be the perfect tool for suppyling the right sort of content to the right sort of audience for Apple if they wanted to go in that direction? Seems to me that Apple feels such moves would be a distraction and non core so how would directly producing content be more core I wonder?

    Therefore I suspect that they would rather stay relatively nuetral and instead form distinct alliances with Google letting them build up the content side that will be something very different to that offered by the established producers.

    The great link in all this is content for mobile devices. Google has a wide range of content and the audience too but no exposure to mobile hardware. Apple has the devices that can benefit from it and indeed within 6 months will have devices that will actually seriously need content like it to really break out from the limitations of mobile devices. The expansion of youtube shows the way ahead yet few have even recognised it. As ‘experts’ have continually told us showing films and tv programmes will always be an inferior experience on a mobile device but if you think laterally youtube like content would be ideal especially when you can pass it on wirelessly, or perhaps from a localised server rather like itv perhaps. You can even produce content and pass it on instantly, the possibilities are endless and the quality of the viewing very secondary to the instant entertainment value available- a true social network.

    So perhaps hearing interesting things from Apple, Google and T-Moble amongst others starts to indicate the building blocks are coming together. Ironically the feeble crippled zune does at least point towards the reality if you can, as Apple does so well, provide the device, the service and the content in one consistent framework, and this time I think, with even more partners directly involved. One day this may even be seen to be the day that the end of Microsoft dominance really began. For certain the potential is there for it if the parties wish it, and don’t screw it up.

  7. Doesn’t Apple already do this to a certain extent with its iTunes Originals albums and artist commentary? It doesn’t take much imagination to see this extend from audio to video. An iTunes Original stand-up routine? An iTunes Original behind-the-scenes featurette? An iTunes Original reality show? Interviews segments, concert footage, etc. The possibilities go on….

  8. Agreed

    Apple will move content and its own great software at or near breakeven just to move hardware at a tidy profit.

    It’s been a great strategy so far. Producing and/or commissioning its own content seems a little far outside the bounds of that formula.

    My 2¢

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