Apple to announce sales of 1.64 million Macs for quarter?

“On Wednesday, October 18, 2006 at 2pm PT / 5pm ET, Apple Computer will announce its Q4 (fourth quarter) 2006 and Fiscal Year 2006 earnings. The company will also conduct a Conference Call with analysts. This post is a preview into the earning report as prior quarter reports and events of 2006 are analyzed. The focus of this post is Mac unit sales,” Switch To A Mac reports.

“Q4 2006 will mark the eight straight quarter of at least 1 million Mac unit sales dating back to Q1 2005,” Switch To A Mac writes. “For an understanding of Apple’s earning report, we need to review how Apple’s fiscal quarters are divided.”

Apple does not use a calendar year for it’s fiscal year rather, Apple’s fiscal year runs as follows:
• First Quarter (Q1) – October, November, December
• Second Quarter (Q2) – January, Febuary, March
• Third Quarter (Q3) – April, May, June
• Fourth Quarter (Q4) – July, August, September

“I expect Mac unit sales to trump analyst and Wall Street expectations. Taking the above discussion and my previous analysis of Apple market share increases into consideration, I conclude that Apple at least maintained a 16 percent increase in Mac unit sales between the fourth and third quarters. I fully expect that Apple most likely saw somewhere close to a 20 percent increase in Mac unit sales as the Mac is rapidly becoming a popular and viable choice for today’s computer buyer. As a result, I expect that Apple would have shipped close to if not 1 million portables, and upwards of 640,000 desktops equating to a total of 1.64 million Macs during the fourth quarter,” Switch To A Mac writes.

Full article, with much more, including charts, here.

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  1. I would expect possibly bigger numbers for desktops since the Mac Pro has come out and there was no doubt a pent up demand for the machines, possibly that demand will spill over to the next quarter and the full effects will be seen then but I think it will be a big increase regardless.

  2. I really believe that 1.5M is a much more reasonable number and it would still be a spectacular number compared to the 850,000 units Apple used to sell each quarter.

    This would mean a 50% market growth over the last couple of years and great news for developers who can now expect bigger returns for their investments.

  3. Wasn’t that long ago that Apple wasnt even selling a million Macs per quarter.

    For anyone who thinks that Apple’s strategy isn’t working or that the iPod halo effect is a myth might want to rethink their position.

  4. I still think there is a chance of close to a million desktop’s as well. I personally know 5 people that have bought desktop macs this past quarter, and I don’t know that many people but I think that number will be the surprise.

  5. I really hope this turns out to be true. If Apple sold 1.5 million Mac last quarter, I would be very happy. The day is not far away when Apple will be selling 8 million Macs a year. I think that is when the floodgates will truly open because there is a lot of word of mouth that results from selling that many computers a year. Heck, we are seeing some of that now.

    But if Apple does hit 1.6 milion Macs this quarter….$100 AAPL, here we come!

    MW: “run” as in AAPL will go on a big, long-term run if this report turn out to be true!

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