Writer: Alienware PC ‘not limited by lack of software and other issues that plague Apple computers’

“Quake, Doom, and now Dell? Are big computers catching the gaming PC bug? Gaming PCs were once a strictly nerds-only corner of the personal computer market. Heck, you still can’t even rent PC games at most Blockbusters,” Jonathan Blum writes for TheStreet.com.

Blum writes, “But then no less than Hewlett-Packard bought game PC maker Voodoo Computers last month; Dell had already gobbled up fellow game PCer Alienware in March.”

“To get a feel for Alienware’s more mainstream offerings, I spent a few weeks with the company’s decidedly humanoid Area-51 Series m5550 laptop,” Blum writes. “The m5550 is Alienware’s value-oriented line. These machines start at $999, and the one I tested ran at about $1,684.”

“And the m5550 stood up to the ultimate design test: I did not feel like an idiot carrying it,” Blum writes. “Not only was I not embarrassed by my m5550, I got props while in the Northwest terminal from some University of Michigan grads hanging out nearby. I always love looking cool to the kids.”

“But — you knew there’d be a but — the Alienware flames out trying to be a media device. Like all other laptops, the unit sorely lacks in movie quality; picture and sound are awful,” Blum writes. “Also, you can expect indifferent battery life from the Alienware. My unit only worked for little under two hours at maximum efficiency — the result of all that processing umph.”

“Nevertheless, despite its limits, I give the Alienware m5550 the thumbs up. Think of it as the anti-Mac: a more expensive computer with fashion and flair, but one that is not limited by lack of software and other issues that plague Apple computers,” Blum writes. “And, honestly, for the average user looking for style and performance, the Alienware is cooler than a Mac. Take that, Steve Jobs.”

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MacDailyNews Take: That Blum doesn’t feel like an idiot carrying a chunky (1.36″ front height, 1.6″ rear height – you can’t hide severe thickness with varied heights – 14.25″ wide; 10.75″ depth, 6.5 pounds), bathroom scale-looking, OS-limited, heavy laptop tells you all you need to know about why he capped his article with his idiotic slam on Apple. Nice hinge. And, boy, that baby got back! Perhaps they should dig a hole in the table when they photograph PC laptops – they look like they’re going to tip over with all of that thickness trying to be hidden in the bottom rear.

Apple’s $1999 MacBook Pro is 1.0″ high uniformly, 14.1″ wide, 9.6″ depth, and weighs just 5.6 pounds. Blum doesn’t know any better, obviously, for if he did, he’d know that Apple’s cleanly-designed (no need to hide bad design with ill-conceived “alien” decoration) MacBook Pro is completely unlimited when it comes to software: Only Apple Macs can run all the applications in the world: Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. The Alienware is OS-limited and cannot run Mac OS X or Mac applications like iMovie, iPhoto, iWeb, GarageBand, iDVD, Front Row, and thousands of other Mac-only apps.

MacBooks (starting at $1099) and MacBooks Pros are excellent media devices. Like all other Macs, they excel in movie quality; picture and sound are beautiful. You should give one a try, Mr. Blum before you try and fail to talk about “all other laptops.”

As for “other issues that plague Apple computers,” what are you talking about Mr. Blum? “Apple computers” are virus and malware free, unlike that thick, heavy, ugly waste of $1,684 you’re poorly trying to talk up. Compared to the Alienware m5550, that extra $315 for the MacBook Pro is worth every single penny and then some.

Contact Jonathan Blum: http://apps.thestreet.com/cms/tsc/feedback.do?authorId=1100652

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  1. Those Alienware PCs are hideous. It’s funny how these writers try to push off this hardware as superior. They try to make it seem that having “cool” hardware makes your software (OS, in particular) run better. But you know what? Crap is crap. When you put Windows on any computer (including the new Apple Intels), you are severely limiting its potential. It’s like putting a Toyota Corolla engine in the body of a 2007 Mercedes-Benz S65 AMG.

  2. Hold that piece of crap in both hands, turn it sideways and SHOVE IT UP HIS CANDY A$$. What an idiot! It’s amazing how these sites allow writers to ante up this kind of foolishness. This article should be labeled as an uniformed opinion that should not to be confused with the real facts… A space filler of sorts.

  3. Maybe he’s talking about the Mac’s crippling inability to run even the most standard of virus and spyware titles… ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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