New Jersey launches ‘iTunes tax’ on video, music downloads

“Get ready New Jersey, as of Sunday the state’s increased sales tax is expanding to more items, including downloads and tattoos,” WABC-TV reports. “As part of a sales tax increase, from 6 percent to 7 percent, which was approved in July, the state’s tax will be extended to various items.”

“New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine [Democrat] proposed the increase to help close a projected $4.5 billion budget deficit, but the increase was opposed by many state Democrats in the state legislature. That dispute led to a shutdown of the state’s government, which was later resolved,” WABC-TV reports. “The state’s 7 percent sales tax will be expanded, including… downloaded music and video.”

New Jersey’s tax-happy lawmakers didn’t stop there. Lucky NJ residents will now get to pay expanded taxes on shipping and handling charges, flooring and carpeting installation, storage space, tanning, massages, data processing, limousines, health, shopping and other club membership fees, parking garages and lots, non-clothing cleaning services, landscaping and more.

Full article here.

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  1. While I feel for the good people of New Jersey, it sure makes me happy to live in a state where the Democrats have virtually no power whatsoever. Their solution is always to tax everyone to death…

  2. Let’s be fair to Jon. He inherited a MASSIVE problem when he took over as Govenor….of course he was in the State Senate so had a hand in creating the problem as well. While he did propose a plan to raise taxes, the plan also cut spending.

    That said, I do not live in NJ and my condolences go out to anyone that does! Ugh.

  3. We here in Kentucky have been paying $1.05 for each 99¢ song download from iTunes for a long, long time. They were tax free for about a month or two after the iTMS opened and then started having taxed added on. Don’t most states now charge tax on iTS downloads?

  4. This state has been crooked for *years*, not just in the past year since Corzine was elected. This state is one of the most corrupt in the country, and he’s just trying to clean up the aftermath.

  5. Why do those on this board support Republicans who borrow and spend? They got you eating out of their hands like sheep. Doesn’t matter what they say or how they are a bunch of hypocrits, but you’ll follow them off the cliff.

    Before you start name calling by throwing out the phrase “damn liberals” I don’t support the Democrats either. The whole government has no ones interests in mind. It’s corrupt from top to bottom. Government by the politicians for the politicians.

  6. (and cover up pedophile congressmen)

    Funny, seems to me that the Republicans have come out against him, not covered him up. If you are talking about the investigation from a while back, it was about something completely different, and no evidence was found against him.

    As for covering it up, I think you are talking about the Democrats that circled the wagons around Clinton during his intern scandal, rape scandal, sexual harrassment scandal.

    Or perhaps you are thinking about Mel ‘I won the lotto’ Reynolds, who the democrats covered up for when he was raping young girls. Clinton pardoned him on his last day in office.

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