RUMOR: Apple and Google to add geotagging to iPhoto

“This has yet to be announced by Apple or Google, but Mactelchat forum user javester has been poking around in the code and noticed something fishy. Javester stated one of his/her findings as follows: ‘In the Localizable.strings file inside the iPhoto app bundle, we find several intriguing keys, including one called GPSMapURL which is preset to ‘”!’ In real people terms, this means iPhoto has code that links to Google Maps,” Doug Berger reports for Gadgetell.

“If you’re not familiar with geotagging, sites like Flickr and a whole slew of Google Maps API-based sites use it to mark on a map where something happened. In the case of iPhoto, it would mark on a map where each picture or album was taken,” Berger explains.

Berger reports, “Javester also found a hidden ‘Show’ button that would link to a Google Map of the location.” Full article here.

And, javester has posted a video of iPhoto geotagging in action:

iPhoto Google Maps Geotagging Unlocked:

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