Stephen Colbert interviews Woz

Stephen Colbert interviewed Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak on The Colbert Report yesterday:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Jim” for the heads up.]

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  1. Oh…leave him alone. He’s harmless. He’s just a rich guy flogging a book and he DID change all our lives through his efforts. So give him credit and ignore his eccentricities. He just chooses to share them from time to time. What do you REALLY know about the personal private life of Steve Jobs, or Bill Gates, or any other famous person? Not much. Steve might have beliefs or behaviors that some people would be surprised about…but what does it matter?

    Leave Woz alone. If you don’t like what he says, don’t buy his book.

  2. You know, you are right. Colbert does tash you. Woz actually left Colbert speachless. Powerless. It was hoot. Clearly, Woz is a bright guy…and he does beat to a different drummer. He certainly was no victim to colbert.

  3. You really shouldn’t take life so seriously! All of Colbert’s interviews are awkward. That’s the point really. Colbert makes humor out of that scary social divide that exists between all of us.

    And characters like Steve Wozniack make for very good subjects in that regard.

  4. They both suck.

    What an incredibly shitty “interview”.

    Get a person so out of touch with reality, who wrote neither of his own books and plop him in front of a snide asshole that makes a living deriding anything that moves (and in this case a thing that don’t unless powered by a Segway) and it is an embarrassment of half-assed impromptu retorts.


  5. What is hilarious is that Stephen Colbert’s character is based on Bill O’Reilly. So when you characterize him as “a snide asshole that makes a living deriding anything that moves” you are actually talking about an impression of Bill O’Reilly. Ha! Now THAT’S comic genius.

  6. I thought it was amusing. Colbert tends to romp over most of his guests – all in good fun – but Woz didn’t let that happen.

    As for those who think Woz was “at the right place at the right time”, get a CLUE! He may not have “invented the personal computer”, but he certainly was responsible for designing many of the chips/combinations that made the Apple ][ all that it was. Jobs is brilliant, charismatic, and a great concept man, but it was Woz who built the hardware. And that was back in a time when there were no schools – no ‘shop’ courses, no college courses, no tech school courses – and no books (except tech manuals) to show you the way. You want to dump on him? First, tell me what your design insight has been – any field!

  7. Very funny interview!

    Clearly Woz is some kind of nutty genius. He exists on a different plane than the rest of “reality”.

    I was actually shocked that Colbert let him talk. it was almost as if he were honored and awed by Woz’s presence.

    Colbert is charming and brilliant and the Colbert Report is one of the best things on TV!

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