Review: Verizon Wireless ExpressCard/34 wireless broadband

Bare Feats’ rob-ART morgan tests the Verizon Wireless ExpressCard/34 (Novatal V640) wireless broadband solution with his Apple 17-inch MacBook Pro.

Why aren’t we using Cable or DSL via an AirPort base station instead? Why bother with Verizon Wireless’s $59/month wireless broadband service? For starters, our Bare Feats lab is in a remote mountain area with no Cable or DSL service. More to the point, if you want a “surf from anywhere” solution for your laptop, cellular wireless broadband is the best solution we’ve found. Whether on a local shopping trip, sitting in the doctor’s waiting room (with no WiFi), or driving down the interstate highway, you’re able to access the internet quickly and reliably. (This assumes you are in one of the metropolitan areas serviced by digital Verizon Wireless’ broadband. Even if you aren’t in the broadband zone, you can connect at the 144Kbps speed as long as you have a digital signal.)

There are other advantages to having a mobile broadband wireless solution. On a recent long road trip, I was able to keep up with my email and post updates on the Bare Feats site. At one point we checked into a hotel that boasted of free high-speed internet only to find out the system was down. No problemo. Whip out the wireless PC card and off we go.

Full review here.

MacDailyNews Note: The Novatel V640 will work natively with Mac OS X 10.4.7, or you can use the included VZAccess Software. Verizon Wireless offers the ExpressCard V640 for US$179 with a two year contract. is selling the card for $99.99. More info here.

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  1. I use Verizon’s broadband system to hook up my Motorola Razr V3m phone via the USB port on my MacBook Pro. It works similar to the ExpressCard, but I use it on my wife’s Powerbook also. Didn’t even need Verizon’s software! Works great.

  2. Or you can get one from Dell like I did 2 months ago. Had some trouble loading it onto my MBP 15 inch, but once it latched we have been good to go. I do hate having that damn DELL logo looking up at me. In fact, I think it is far past time for that to be removed.

    Nurse, hand me my steak knife…

  3. I was waiting for this card so that I could justify a MBP purchase. I pulled the trigger about a month ago. This card rocks! Much faster than the old PC card. Also, the fact that you can contol it right from the menu bar and not have to install Verizon (SmithMicro) software is way ccol.

    Highly recommended!

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