IBM to offer better Mac support, says ‘Apple Mac is a resurgent platform’

“IBM Software will soon offer a better Macintosh client for Notes and is working on delivering Mac fidelity for that collaboration client,” Barbara Darrow reports for CRN.

Darrow reports, “The current beta for the Notes client will be on par featurewise with the Notes Windows client, said Mike Rhodin, general manager of IBM’s Workplace, Portal and Collaboration group, aka the IBM/Lotus group. ‘We have millions of Notes seats on the Mac now, and some very large customers are active in the beta and are very vocal about that,’ Rhodin said in an interview with CRN. ‘The Mac is a resurgent platform.'”

“‘When you see [the new Notes client], we’ve integrated the Macintosh more cleanly. All the dialogue boxes are Mac dialogue boxes; all the scroll bars are Mac scroll bars,’ he added,” Darrow reports. “The next Notes 7.02 maintenance release, due out soon, will add iNotes support for Mac computers, Rhodin said. iNotes is a lightweight Web client.”

Darrow reports, “At its annual Lotusphere show last year, IBM Software announced support for the Mac OS X platform, and it continues to add perks for Mac users.”

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  1. Glad to hear they’re going to fix Notes. I use Notes v6.5.5 at work, and it is one of the worst Mac apps I’ve ever had. This program screams Windows-Ported-Software at the top of it’s lungs. And it’s very slow. The icons are ugly, the text is not anti-alaised and it has a very un-mac like interface. They can’t fix this pig soon enough!

    And, no – I don’t have a choice to switch to something better. I could set up another mail app myself, but IT won’t allow it (those bitches!).

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