Apple impacts Avid: Avid shares drop more than 14%

“Shares of Avid Technology fell more than 14% on Tuesday, after the company, which makes editing products for digital media, said its audio business was struggling during the third quarter,” R.M. Schneiderman reports for Forbes. “The reason: a sales dip of its Pro Tools HD editing software.”

“In early August, Avid said it would release a version of Pro Tools that is compatible with Apple’s new Intel-based Mac Pro. Avid expected a drop off in its older version of Pro Tools, which is based on Apple’s G5 Macintosh computers,” Schneiderman reports. “On Tuesday, however, the company said in a press release that this slackening has had a greater-than-expected effect due to ‘the significant improvement in the price/performance of the new Intel-based Mac platform.'”

Schneiderman reports, “The Intel Mac Pro version of Pro Tools has been available since Sept. 18, but new orders have not sufficiently offset the sales declines of the older product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: So, what are you guys and gals buying instead, Apple’s Logic Pro?


  1. “Logic pro is hard to beat.”

    It’s has nothing to do with Logic canibalizing Pro Tools sales, it’s because audio pros are holding of on upgrading/Intel switch until 3rd party plug-ins are available in universal binary.

    AVID is a steal @ $36.00 a share… time to load up. 6 months it’ll be $50.

  2. “Logic pro is hard to beat.”

    That is simply not true.

    “It’s greatly improved under apple’s flag.”

    Neither is that. Quite simply Logic has stagnated since being bought out by Apple. The only noticeable improvements being an improved GUI and plug-in delay compensation. Beyond that we’ve had three chargeable updates and all we have to show for it is a few extra software instruments. We’ve practically stopped selling Logic Pro, because there is no call for it and this is the same across the board. If you want the MIDI spec of Logic get Digital Performer. If you want to edit and record audio its got to be Pro Tools.

    What’s more Apple still doesn’t have Logic supporting all for cores in a Quad G5, but conveniently it supports all four in a Mac Pro. Why do I get the feeling Apple is going to forget about the quad G5 owners??

  3. Nope, as a veteran audio engineer I’d say that Apple gives Digidesign (Avid’s audio division) a good competition at the low end of the market but can’t touch it’s high-end offerings like Pro Tools HD-based ICON console which has become a standard in Hollywood and recording studios around the world in two years – a sensational market penetration. BTW, Pro Tools HD is the high-end DSP card-based system so for Pro Tools HD it doesn’t really matter that much how faster the host Mac is as the processing is done by dedicated PCI cards which have X-times the power of even the fastest CPUs. It’s not that Pro Tools HD users would be switching to Logic which is simply not the right tool for a film mixing or major label recording, the problem is more that practically every professional recording studio on the planet already owns Pro Tools HD so the market is pretty saturated.

  4. I am lucky enough to have a career making records for a living and I use pro tools every day.
    Oooh man, now you got me started…

    Avid/Digiesign has turned into a company that uses it’s market share against it’s customers and I am glad to see that is translating into sales (or the lack there of). The design of their products make obvious that market dominance is a higher priority than innovation and I deal with the ramifications of their extra crappy/buggy code every day.

    My favorite digi complaint is that they habitually deny features to their customers that their competition offers. In order bounce a software instrument to an audio track, you have to route it to another track and record it in real time. Automatic delay compensation is included in every major competitor of Pro-tools and yet they deny it too their LE customers. Two HD system functions ‘mysteriously appear’ on your LE system if you pay the $500 producers pack ransom. Sure you get Smack and some other garbage plug in’s but Beat Detective and the sudden ability to use more tracks mysteriously appears like magic. This translates into the fact that your of the shelf LE system is capable of these things out of the box and they cripple them until you have the producers pack ilok authorization. Bad business. I hope they bleed money just long enough to get their sh** together.

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