Review: Pac-Man for iPod

“Namco was one of four companies outside of Apple picked to inaugurate Apple’s premium iPod games service—games you can buy from the iTunes store for $4.99 a pop. It’s nice to have such a beloved classic on the iPod, though the game itself doesn’t succeed quite as well as I had hoped it would,” Peter Cohen writes for Playlist.

“What’s of key difference in this version of Pac-Mac is the control—instead of using a joystick, like in the arcades, you’re using a virtual joystick, if you will, by gently touching the cardinal directions of the click wheel. You don’t need to actually press the buttons—moving your thumb over the Menu, play/pause, rewind, and fast forward keys is enough to get the on-screen joystick to respond. It takes a little getting used to, and it’s more difficult than it should be—Pac-Man really requires lightning reflexes, and the iPod’s click wheel just doesn’t feel that precise,” Cohen writes.

Cohen awards Pac-Man for iPod 2.5 out of 5 stars in his full review here.


  1. Most gameson the iPod just suck

    There I said it. Now do you want to know why?

    1: Small screen

    2: Controls not game friendly.

    3: Drains battery.

    You know it seems to be a trend with Apple lately, their stuff just isn’t quite good enough.

    For instance the iPod HiFi, games on the iPod, video on the iPod, slow USB2 interface, iTunes 7 looks like Windows, lapbook problems galore

    I’m just not impressed with Apple’s latest offerings

  2. Feeding The Birds = flame bait

    I’m not impressed with your analysis either. An iPod primary function is not a game machine, it’s an add on and Apple is not going to change their controls just to suit a time filler like Pac Man. It’s a digital audio device primarily. As for video, I don’t know what the whining is about. Yes, the screen is small, it’s a handheld device. You want to carry around a 60″ plasma screen, generator and DVD player then you can have the video experience you desire. For portable video in a handheld factor it is fine. I saw some Rose Bowl highlights and I could easily watch the game and see the ball as it was passed, etc.

    In short, it’s primary function is music, and it does it well. Secondary function is now video. It does an acceptable job on video because by its very nature it is limited in size. For its size it does great. Video games, etc. will evolve for the iPod now that the market has appeared.

  3. Feeding The Birds, you can keep changing your name from thread to thread spouting off your incoherent crap, but as long as you keep






    it’s kinda easy to recognize it’s you.

    The iPod is not made for games, but they’re simply time wasters if you have nothing better to do. What’s more is games like Pac-Man are optional! You don’t want it? Don’t buy it. I must say though, I would rather play a game on my iPod than on my cell phone.

  4. Feeding the birds has a point – and most of the rebuttal posts actually make the same point. The gaming experience on the iPod, thus far, doesn’t seem optimal because the iPod wasn’t designed for games.

    The rest of the post is pure flamebait.

  5. I can think of a few games perfect for the iPod, but its not a gaming machine, my NDS is for that.
    Apple is just trying to make the iPod more entertaining! When they open-source gaming for the iPod, well, then alot of cool innovative games will come out.

    one game that would be perfect: asteroids.

  6. The ulitmate game for the iPod would be Tempest! Anyone remember that game, with the little wheel you’d spin to move the spider thing at the top of the cylinder? That would make some great gameplay on the iPod click-wheel.

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