Intel endorses Apple

“Intel has put two Apple sessions at the top of its Featured Sessions list for the upcoming Intel Developer Forum. That isn’t Apple doing Intel a favor by filling a couple of empty slots in the schedule. Intel is touching a toe to that third rail for component manufacturers: Endorsement. And while people at Intel and Apple are scrambling right now to get their denials in a row, I want to drain this issue of its intrigue while at the same time highlighting its importance and pointing out that at least a little endorsement is overdue. After all, among first tier OEMs in the U.S., Apple is the only one remaining that buys CPUs exclusively from Intel,” Tom Yager writes for InfoWorld.

“Take a look at this session list for Intel Developer Forum. To me, it shows that Intel is, albeit quietly and cautiously, letting the world know that it has a thing for Apple. Note that Apple’s sessions are placed #1 and #2 in a non-alphabetical, non-temporal list. Note as well that no other OEMs get a shot at a session podium, and that Apple alone scored a non-rotating plug on the IDF event’s front page,” Yager writes. “This despite Apple being neither a sponsor nor an exhibitor.”

“But wait a minute: Isn’t Apple only at IDF to talk about software? Ummm…no. Oracle doesn’t get invited to speak at IDF for having an x86 cut of its DBMS. OS X is not Intel’s design win, Mac and Xserve are, and it’s Mac hardware that got Apple the IDF invite. One of the session’s summaries, that for Mac OS X Overview: Performance OS for a Performance Processor, reads like an ad slick. That’s not what developers want from a conference, but the Mac platform generates a lot of curiosity and will probably draw decent attendance despite its sales swing,” Yager writes.

Full article with more here.


  1. Hey MDN what’s up with the font on your site? Is it just me? It looks all cartoony and is really hard to read. I just upgraded to a iMac Core 2 Duo. I didn’t change any of my setting either…

  2. Interesting article.

    Apple has buzz. Apple is really the only computer company consistently pushing the innovation and design envelopes. it’s NOT just about powder coated aluminum iPod nano sleeves and Intel has the brains to know it.

    The author made a point that Apple pushed for the Core Duo for the first generation of Intel powered Macs. The Core Duo had been originally designed and relegated to embedded applications and with Apple’s using it for Macs, it found a wide market with notebook builders industry wide.

    Go Apple!

  3. Apple has serious cultural cache. Anybody and everybody who can wants to be associated with Apple Computer. Intel’s been taken down a notch by AMD. Associating with Apple raises them immensely. It’s advertising more than anything (putting Apple at the top of the list).

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