Is this Apple’s 6G ‘iPod AV?’ [UPDATE: images confirmed fakes]

Shots of a device showing an Apple “iPod AV” have made their way online over at iPod-CLUB.

Apple’s special media event is scheduled for Tuesday, September 12, 10am local time at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts Theater (, 700 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA.

Real or fake?

Full size shots via iPod-CLUB here.
Well, these shots are definitely in focus, at least.

[UPDATE: 2:48pm EDT: has these same images under the heading “A collection of mockup and unverified images of the rumored Video iPod. Posted on March 5, 2006. This has been revealed to be a fake.” Instead of simply pulling this article, which may lend credence to these fakes, we have updated the headline, added the red “fake” text to the image, and added this update text. We apologize. We’re dopey with anticipation and excitement for tomorrow’s event.]

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  1. If it didn’t say “iPod AV” on the back, I might actually give it a slight chance of being legitimate. Whoever created this photoshop did a nice job, but forgot that Apple has learned its lesson about calling its full-size iPods anything other than “iPod”.

  2. These pictures look pretty legit. What’s really interesting though is the movie shown on the iPodAV – “Ice Age 2”. That film is a 20th Century Fox release and the early scuttlebutt was that Apple and Jobs only had Disney’s library of films available — no other studios. If Fox is on board, then it’s great to see other movie studios jumping on the bandwagon!

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