FileMaker Pro database integration with Flash to be featured at FlashForward 2006

Creating applications combining Flash and FileMaker Pro will be featured at the FlashForward 2006 Conference, Sept. 11-14, at the Hilton Austin, Austin, TX (

The session will highlight real-world applications used by The Oscars, the City of Los Angeles, MIT, and many other organizations, all of which integrate FileMaker Pro database software and Flash.

“Creating Dynamic Database Application Interfaces with Flash 8,” will be 4:30 – 5:45 p.m.., Thursday, Sept. 14, and will be presented by Cris Ippolite, president and founder of iSolutions, Inc., Los Angeles, CA (

Ippolite will introduce attendees to FileMaker Pro 8.5, a cross-platform database software featuring the new Web Viewer control allowing web technologies, including Flash to play inside FileMaker layouts. The session will demonstrate how to integrate databases with Flash applications to create Web-based or network-based dynamic graphic applications. He will show how Flash can be used to create client-server applications leveraging databases on the back-end, and the ease with which even Flash developers with no database development experience can build dynamic, compelling graphical applications.

More than 100,000 creative professionals worldwide use FileMaker Pro within advertising agencies, web development firms, direct mail companies, print firms, motion picture and video production companies, photography studios, graphics design agencies, animation studios, publishing and TV studios.

FileMaker offers a 30-day free trial of FileMaker Pro 8.5, including the FileMaker Creative Pro Starter Kit, featuring a bundle of ready-to-use solutions for creative professionals and managers, at

Cris Ippolite is a FileMaker 7 and FileMaker 8 certified developer as well as one of 29 Partner level FileMaker Solutions Alliance members. He writes for FileMaker Advisor magazine and Create magazine and has authored two technical briefs for FileMaker, Inc. He is also a speaker at several technology conferences including Flash-Forward, FileMaker Developer Conference and MacWorld Expo.


  1. This sounds like GREAT news!! Flash is looking more and more like an application development tool rather than just a tool for creating cool animated websites. I already pull info from a database into Flash, but I rely on another developer for this. FileMaker is really easy to use and should make the process of developing dynamic Flash sites easier.

  2. IF fliemake is a subsidary company of apple, then is this below sentence possible?

    : can apple buyout adobe?

    Why b’cos, if apple buys adobe

    – adobe photoshop + Aperture = very good photo editing *complete* software which compliments each other

    – Macromedia Software which is very useful

    Adobe focus on design is an advantage

    at the end of the day, its not about money but the right people at helm with positive mind to take on challenges.

    I feel adobe and apple merger is useful
    need not care about microsoft cos i’ll believe them if they innovate a new operating system from UNIX.(without buying software companies no matter how small they are on the radar of NASDAQ)

    no reference to MAC and i’m not an apple fanboy tho i do admit i like them.

    my 2 cents. i still thing 2 design minds is better then one. but who knows but god dun ever let microsoft buyout adobe or even let that that giant get hold of macromedia….grrr i still like macromedia..

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