Infoworld: Microsoft’s WIndows Vista not so revolutionary after all

“I just finished previewing Vista Release Candidate 1 for the Test Center, and I suddenly realized I’m more underwhelmed than I anticipated. A few months ago, in this very column, I used the adjective revolutionary instead of evolutionary. I’m changing my mind,” Oliver Rist reports for Infoworld.

“Aero is slick, no doubt about it. But I have to say that the non-Aero interface, which I used on my anemic Gateway M-255E notebook, is slick enough. If Microsoft was going to deploy loads of programming talent to figure out a specific technical issue, I wish it had done it for WinFS or the full version of the Next Generation Secure Computing Base.,” Rist reports. “Instead, I now have a much slicker-looking version of Windows XP … along with significantly increased hardware requirements.”

Vista “really just adds up to a sexier XP experience. The Sidebar gadget-fest, for example, so far amounts to a power user’s toy store. And it’s nothing I can’t get on XP,” Rist reports. “I feel as though I go through this with every Microsoft OS release: a certain amount of anticipatory excitement when loads of new features are announced, and then a ‘Where’s the beef?’ moment when I actually see it running. I suppose that’s enhanced here somewhat because much of the beef I was hoping for wound up in the butcher’s freezer. As it stands, Vista is a worthy upgrade to Windows XP, but if RC1 is any indication, there’s no need to rush.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Kevin” for the heads up.]

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  1. Dear MDN – Anyone can find an anti-vista review…would you please take ona real challenge and find us a PRO-VISTA ARTICLE?

    I’d like to read what nice thinkgs someone says about Vista.

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