Goldman Sachs ups Apple Computer shares from $77 to $85

Analysts for Goldman Sachs maintained their “buy” rating on Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) and upped their price target from $77 to $85.

The analysts expect market share gains due to Apple’s “aggressive” pricing on Mac models.

Full article (in German) here.

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  1. Here’s some interesting news….

    NEW YORK (Reuters) – Computer maker Dell Inc. (DELL) said on Monday that an expanding government accounting probe has caused the company to cancel a meeting with Wall Street analysts for the second time this year and that it will suspend stock buybacks.

  2. Man, what a horrible day this has been for our deluded “Stockboy”! From Credit Suisse to Goldman Sachs and beyond, the analysts are driving a metaphorical stake through his shriveled, fibrillating heart.

    Methinks we won’t be hearing much from him under the “Stockboy” netdeplume anymore, for his advice to short AAPL heading toward the mid-40’s (along with “SELL SELL SELL” and a few others) has left him addled and bereft of any kind of self-respect.

    Let us, one and all, sit with him on the ground and tell sad stories of the death of kings (and half-assed, poorly informed know-it-alls)!

  3. we won’t be hearing much from him

    We won’t be hearing from him, period. He had to sell car, computer and house to cover selling AAPL short. At least the new poor put the money where is mouth was: on a pile of crappy FUDs.

    “Please, share a $. Put all my savings on shorting AAPL. I am a moron: a $ please”

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