Pirillo: Windows Vista RC1 disappointing, schizophrenic, disordered, inconsistent, and sad

“The last thing I wanted to do upon returning from Alaska was rip Windows Vista ‘Ultimate’ a new one. I also don’t want to go through my list of Vista UI nitpicks, as several of them still have not been addressed – and likely never will be. Even after installing RC1, I find myself feeling… disappointed and dejected,” Chris Pirillo blogs.

MacDailyNews Note: Chris Pirillo is the founder of Lockergnome. He spent two years hosting the TechTV (now known as G4) television program Call for Help before parting ways from the company. He also hosted the first annual Call-for-Help-a-Thon on TechTV.

Pirillo writes, “Sadly, the first release candidate for Windows Vista feels more like an alpha to me (or early beta, at best). I’m not talking about performance issues, which will most likely be improved upon before this OS goes gold. No, it’s all about a cohesive user experience / user interface for me. Vista fails on most UI fronts. It doesn’t look or behave similarly across any part of the operating system. Even more sad? That’s by design, folks.”

“Vista is schizophrenic, and that disorder has been further enabled by the range of vigilante software development teams who are providing code to the core without cross-checking with other teams for UI consistency,” Pirillo writes. “If OS X had a decent desktop PIM, I think Vista would push me to switch.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “AWidgetIHaveNot” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Chris, you’re not switching because of a PIM?! Two words: Stockholm Syndrome.

And, for Jobs sake, will someone please tell us which version of Microsoft Windows wasn’t “disappointing, schizophrenic, disordered, inconsistent, and sad?” Even Paul Thurrott, Windows fanboy extraordinaire, who’s lately been desperately looking for a way, any way, to get his “SuperSite for Windows” visitors excited about this lump of manure about to be excreted by Microsoft describes Windows Vista RC1 user interface examples as “stupid, stupid, stupid” and asks his patchers, “Does Microsoft want Apple to make it look silly again?”

Why the disappointment exactly? If you keep waiting for Microsoft to finally copy the Mac even remotely successfully, you’ll never, ever Get a Mac.

Macintosh. Because life’s too short.

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  1. Hmm, I’m not sure what is holding him back either. If he doesn’t like the combo of Apple’s Address Book, iCal and Mail, he could always use Microsoft Entourage 2004. And failing that, there is always Parallels Desktop and Boot Camp available if he has Windows software that he just can’t bring himself to part with. There is really no excuse to not own a Mac anymore, unless you only play games and do nothing else with a PC.

  2. I think Microsoft’s fundamental problem is derived from the top decision makers being either über-geeks or sales-vultures. There doesn’t seem to be anyone with authority that truly cares about the end-user and their experience with the software.

    With so much time, money and programming talent being seemingly wasted at Microsoft, there must be some tremendous force at the top making seriously bad decisions. Just like the current US administration, you know that some over-riding power of a minute few are imposing their own preferences, however contrary to both popular and logical conclusions, refusing to utilize ANY of their vast available human resources, and imposing their own selfish goals with no regard for the millions of people their decisions affect.

    To change things in the American society would require the people to have the collective balls to regain control of their own government, but that is as likely to happen as the corporate-controlled government is to crucify one of their own.

    The USA and Microsoft BOTH need to be torn down to their original roots and reconstructed from scratch.

    What’s that quote…”Insanity is defined as doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.” …?

    As long as we keep using and buying the same software, or using the same electoral/polital party system, we will continue with the same results. Don’t whine unless you are willing to change your OS and your government!

  3. Release Candidate? Nope. Raging Crapstorm. Your umbrellas are useless.

    This just in. A sneak peak at Ballmer’s INNOVATIONS! list:

    He’s been holed up in his office squatting on a pile of chair shards for months working on this list for the future of technology. Michael Dell got very excited.

  4. Da Vinci…

    You are right on the money. My experience with PC drones is that….they don’t KNOW any better. This is the slop they are used to, this is what they expect. Cripes, many have no idea that Office even exists on the Mac. I was treally stunned the other day when someone was surprised to hear that iPod was made by Apple. Given all the print and TV ads, I was too stunned to even comment.

    Money….lots and lots of money is needed to overcome this level of ignorance. The TV commercials have to change. I like the current ads from a humor point of view but they are useless. They wiill not be doing much to convert people. Get more serious. Show the damn interface Steve.

  5. I think there must be a reason why the UI us so backward, with everything in the wrong place, and similar options and preferences in totally different places.

    Maybe if MS copy OS X too much they will get sued over the UI? So they choose to make it so “schizophrenic”

  6. Yes, Palm.
    I have also used NOW UP TO DATE AND CONTACT.

    Back in the day, my favorite PIM was Rae for Assist.
    It came on my Performa, and was actually more than decent.
    One of the first object-oriented.

    ical, currently, SUCKS (lack of integration w/ Mail and address book).
    Clunky, too. I think the guy has a point. I understand where he’s coming from.

  7. In all fairness, many people simply pay attention to other things. Tech, for most people is a nuisance, so they’ve built lives that minimize tech usage. However, younger people embrace tech, and they’re moving to Apple very quickly in some areas, it seems.

    It will take some advertising money, but I think it’s really a matter of time. As more Macs get out there, their exposure grows. And if Apple keeps playing its cards well and new iPods are as sweet as people hope they are, our lil’ company is gonna’ e’splode!

    MDN “law,” as in M$ fought the law and M$ won.

  8. There are standalone PIMs… think Palm Desktop (Claris Organizer), Entourage, Now Up-to-Date, etc. … and there are networkable/shareable PIMs, like Outlook. I think THAT is what the writer means. Lots of businesses use Outlook as the backbone of day to day office computing and without that kind of functionality, it becomes difficult to make a complete switch.

    Like it or not, and Stockholm Syndrome aside, he does have a point. And whether the point is real or imagined, it’s still there. It’s the same thing we are all witnessing with the PPC to Intel processor switch. Somehow, Macs are suddenly a real choice, the are suddenly real, simply because they now use Intel processors, even though little else has changed for Mac OS X or the Macintosh platform.

    As others have noted, Windows has become a state of mind… nothing else exists or is even possible. They fear change because they see and can comprehend no other state of being but Windows.

    Poor Bastards!

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