Apple retail chief Johnson to speak to analysts on September 12th

“Apple’s retail chief, Ron Johnson, will speak to analysts at the fourth ThinkEquity Annual Growth Conference hours after the company’s big ‘Showtime’ announcement on 12 September,” Macworld UK reports.

“ThinkEquity analyst Jonathan Hoopes anticipates the company will debut new iPods and a movie download service through iTunes, and expects Johnson will discuss how Apple’s retail presence can help execute its future strategy,” Macworld UK reports.

Macworld UK reports, “Both Apple events take place on the same day as Dell’s own analyst meeting. ‘It appears Apple CEO Steve Jobs wants to steal Michael Dell’s thunder,’ Hoopes notes.”

Full article here.
On what planet does Michael Dell have “thunder?” No thievery of anything Michael Dell possesses (except market share) by Steve Jobs is necessary here on Earth. Jobs probably just wants to give analysts a reason to stay awake that day.

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  1. C’mon MDN!!! Michael Dell is expected to announce his new D144DX3, a gray box that will replace the aging D144DX2, which coincidentally was also a gray box. Don’t you remember the earth shattering announcement when the first one came on sale? What about when Dell came out with that awesome new motto, “Think The Same”?!?!? Don’t you guys follow trends????

  2. MDN- you shouldn’t feel compelled to do a “take”, just for the “take’s” sake.

    Dell, is a pretty big company, eh? Michael Dell was once a big story, too.

    You sound petulant (although I agree).

    OF COURSE it would be construed by the media as stealing thunder.

  3. Usually Right “Dell, is a pretty big company, eh? Michael Dell was once a big story, too.”

    Big, yes, but do you notice how they’re getting smaller and smaller over time?

    DELL Market cap $49bn
    HP Market cap $99bn
    Apple Market cap $61bn

    Enough said. Dell are this year’s Sun.

  4. Ok, enough jokes here.

    Dell’s analyst meeting is to talk about their stock. They are being called to task as to why they have either missed or lowered guidence on their earnings for the last 5 (I believe) quarters. I am sure the analysts will bring up the announcements that Apple makes in the morning at Dell’s evening meeting. Dell will be in a tough spot, trying to push it’s stock and products while all the buzz and attention is being placed with Apple.

    Michael Dell, will once again state for the record that he would drop all support for Microsoft Windows if Apple would license Mac OSX to Dell. This would be the lifeline that he is looking for. Unfortunately, nobody in the room would actually expect this to happen.

  5. No, the analysts want to ask Michael Dell why the hyped “showstopper” 20 inch XPS M2010 at CES costs $4600, when comparably equipped to an iMac 24″ which prices out at $2500. Of course, that 20″ screen can’t be compared to Apple’s 24″. That price differential, $2100, is ridiculously huge.

    Just remember, the XPS M2010 was hyped at CES to highlight Dell’s ability to create innovative products. Sure, but they cost an arm and a leg compared to Apple’s.

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