Report: Apple to debut wireless Bluetooth Mighty Mouse soon

“Apple has submitted a filing with the FCC for the Bluetooth version of its single-button right-clickable mouse, the Mighty Mouse. The new mouse will be exactly the same as the current Mighty Mouse except for its wireless feature,” Tuan Nguyen reports for Daily Tech.

Nguyen reports, “The new Mighty Mouse uses two standard AA batteries and will be compatible with OS X 10.4.6 and later… No release date is set for the new Bluetooth Mighty Mouse — currently codenamed M6, but judging from the FCC filing, the new mouse should arrive soon.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacademiaNut” for the heads up.]

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  1. I am sorry to say that the mighty mouse is poorly designed. Indeed, a member of my family recently purchased a 20″ iMac but he could not stand the mighty mouse. So, he purchased a Microsoft optical mouse to replace his brand new mighty mouse. Adding bluetooth to a poorly designed mouse will only equal a poorly designed wireless mouse!

  2. Finally, I’ve been waiting for this for quite sometime and so has a couple of clients. There are others out there, but the might mouse in bluetooth form will be great.

  3. Hope they’ve improved:
    1- battery management: my Apple BT mouse sits in its box as I was getting only 3 weeks per set of fresh alkalines.
    2- scroll ball or rather offering a simple way to access the innards to clean the gunk that accumulates there.

  4. I am sorry to say that the Microsoft optical mouse is poorly designed. Indeed, a member of my family recently purchased a Dell desktop but he could not stand the Microsoft optical mouse. So, he purchased a Mighty Mouse to replace his brand new Microsoft optical mouse. Adding bluetooth to a fabulously designed Mighty Mouse will equal a perfectly designed wireless mouse!

  5. it’s about frickin time!! I have a BT Mouse (Alum), before that I owned a Kensington BT Mouse…battery life is horrible…While on the APple BT mouse, battery life was great — I also like the intergration with my OS. I hope to see a BT Might Mouse soon.

  6. I’ll try one out in an Apple Store before I buy one. I have heard that wireless mice are sometimes not as immediate in their response as a wired mouse. But I really like the Mighty Mouse that came with my iMac Core Duo and getting rid of more wires is always a plus for me. So I am a potential customer for the wireless model and for a wireless keyboard as well.

  7. the scrolling ball is defective indeed; I recently switched back to a classic mouse; although I very much like the right clickable mouses; I would prefer that it remains wired but works properly; for now I use PowerMate as substitution for Expose, Dashboard buttons and for scrolling

  8. The Mighty Mouse is one of the worst-designed mice in ALL of computing history. Apple should be ashamed of themselves for offering THIS as their multi-button mouse offering. A company as good as Apple shouldn’t be putting out CRAP like the Mighty Mouse. The fact that it is now becoming wireless, without ANY design changes whatsoever, is just a disgrace.

  9. “The Mighty Mouse is one of the worst-designed mice in ALL of computing history. “

    Oh yeah? What about that stupid hockey puck that they used to supply with the original iMacs? That takes the prize for worst mouse ever.

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