Amazon to open online movie store; to offer subscription and a la carte options

“An video store is expected to be open for business in about four weeks. Advertising Age says consumers will be able to order VHS and DVDs of movies, and also download ad-free digital versions of full-length films and TV shows from the online retailer. Amazon ‘DV’ is expected to offer subscription and a la carte options. Pay by the month and you’ll get a package of movies online, or you can buy exactly what you want.
Amazon’s U.K. and German operations already have mail order movie rental services,” Frank Barnako reports for MarketWatch.

Barnako reports, “It’s possible Amazon will also have competition. Think Secret, an Apple Computer blog, reported that CEO Steve Jobs is likely to announce his own movie rental plans for the iTunes Music Store.”

Full article here.

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  1. I really don’t see how this would work. Why is someone going to pay $9.99 to wait 2 days for a movie to download and hope the download doesn’t fail, etc and get no box, no artwork, etc and then have to figure out how to burn the DVD themselves? And how are they going to stop the piracy of it? If you burn it to a DVD, it needs to be playable in any DVD player. And why would someone choose downloading it over just joining Netflix for $10 a month and getting the movie in the same amount of time and in better quality? And why wouldn’t someone just join Netflix and copy the DVD’s using any of the 60 gajillion DVD ripping packages that are available on the net and at stores like Best Buy?

    I just don’t see the mass market appeal of downloading a movie. Pirates, sure, kids, ok, my mom? Never. Music videos I understand, they’re small, 5 minutes, you can download them quickly, but a DVD quality 1024×768 clear movie would be massive.

    I think the idea sounds better than the actual implimentation of it.

  2. Takr, For apple anyways, all they’d need is an Airport like adaptor to the TV and then there will be no need to WAIT for the DVD to be burnt, the limiting factor IS still that you have to wait for the download to complete,

    “get no box, no artwork, etc and then have to figure out how to burn the DVD themselves?”

    since you wouldn’ need to burn to DVD, who cares about the box, songs now already come with digital booklets, don’t see why the movies wouldn’t be the same, the only thing that probably wouldn’t be offered, at least initially( to appease movie rental stores), is no deleted scenes or other extra content.

  3. I hate Amazon. They don’t have Quicktime music samples. They only support Windows and Real. I doubt they will have QT movies.

    What does this have to do with this story? Probably nothing. I hate Amazon.

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