What can you stick in your MacBook Pro’s ExpressCard/34 slot?

“MacBook Pro users, along with owners of many other brands of late-model laptop sick of staring at an empty ExpressCard slot, will soon be able to fill it with a new generation of cards in the final stages of developement or about to hit the market,” APC Magazine reports.

“The international standards body, PCMCIA (Personal Computer Memory Card International Association), which is overseeing the introduction of the cards estimates that 70% of the laptops introduced in 2006 will feature ExpressCard slots,” APC Magazine reports. “That’s good news for Apple users, as it builds the kind of market share manufacturers love. The first cards are now on the market. The PCMCIA’s expresscard.org web site lists 19 products in its database, although not all of them are Mac-compatible.”

Full article here.

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