AP: Apple’s MacBook should give makers of Windows-only notebooks nightmares

“Apple Computer Inc.’s latest laptop looks sleek, runs fast and should give makers of Windows-based notebooks considerable cause for concern,” Robert Weston reports for The Associated Press.

“The MacBook, which replaces Apple’s iBook consumer notebooks, is the last of the mobile Macs to make the switch to Intel Corp. chips that have powered Windows PCs for years. With extra software, the newer Macs can run Microsoft Corp.’s Windows as well as Apple’s Mac OS X,” Weston reports. “This could spell trouble for notebook makers who can’t offer the best of both worlds, particularly in light of the MacBook’s starting price of $1,099.”

“Running Windows XP via Apple’s free Boot Camp program, the system is felt as fast as any generic laptop PC,” Weston reports. “Programs designed for the new Macs in OS X are just as zippy.”

“The computer’s integrated graphics system shares the main memory. Though my MacBook ran games and other applications without a hitch, gamers will probably want to buy a system with a dedicated graphics card, like the MacBook Pro,” Weston reports. “Overall, the new MacBook is a well-priced laptop that could fit the needs of most consumers. After all, it comes with the simplicity and security of Mac OS X and has many features still in the works for Microsoft’s next-generation OS, Windows Vista.”

“It also comes with the iLife suite that includes iTunes, iPhoto and iMovie – plus a built-in iSight camera for video conferencing,” Weston reports. “Combine the MacBook’s ability to run Windows at native speed with Apple’s renowned knack for elegant hardware and software, and it’s a formula that should give other PC makers nightmares.”

Full article here.

[UPDATE: 12:59pm EDT: Fixed link to article.]

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  1. “. . . makers of Windows-only notebooks nightmares”

    The one where you think you are falling or the one in which you are trying to run away but you can’t get your legs to move?
    Or just lots of spiders?

  2. They didn’t say Intel Core Duo. They said “Intel Corp. chips.”

    I know when you’re reading aloud to yourself Corp. can sound like Core – we’ll forgive you for starting the comments with a stupid post. After all, it’s a little better than “First Post!!!!1!11!”

  3. windows system is addictive when you fall in love with it, you can’t really get out. system itself is very complicated. once you use it for very long time, you will get used to. then it’s really make you to switch to another system. why? windows has curse. it’s so bad.

  4. ^
    I know what it reads, idiot.
    They article suggests that they’re switching to the same Intel chips that have been in PCs for years, as if a Pentium 4 chip is the same as a Core Duo.

  5. typhoon:
    “MDN: Please push the “Windows-only” computers phrase because it says it all. This could become a great term that pushes Macs.”

    That wouldn’t be all that accurate. They only come with Windows, but you could still theoretically install Linux on these systems.

  6. Ah, I finally had my first post deleted. All this time I thought MDN liked me. I was somebody! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />



  7. Ampar:
    “Makers of Windows-only notebooks decided for themselves to slow dance with a sweaty Steve Ballmer for eternity. That’s their problem.”

    – That statement is a bit disingenuous considering their limited number of options.

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