Analyst Wu: Microsoft unlikely to dethrone Apple iPod+iTunes

“Fears that a Microsoft digital music player and service could imperil the iPod’s market dominance are overblown, according to Shaw Wu, an analyst for American Technology Research in a report on Monday,” R.M. Schneiderman reports for Forbes.

“’Apple’s vertical model is tough to execute with not many companies (if any) succeeding. Apple has a large installed base of about 50 million iPods and 300 million iTunes users,’ Wu wrote. ‘[Their] competitive advantages are largely defendable including its familiar and easy-to-use user interface, industrial design, brand name and world-class supply chain.’ He added that he believes Apple is pursuing a longer term broader strategy beyond iPods, which means that Microsoft may need to enter other hardware segments, such as PCs, cell phones and home entertainment,” Schneiderman reports.

“As a result, Microsoft is more likely to compete with companies it has partnered with for the past three to four years including Creative Technology, Sony, Samsung, Archos, Toshiba, iRiver, Philips, MTV Networks and others,” Schneiderman reports.

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In other news: liquid water is wet, the earth orbits the sun, and Macs are superior to Windows PCs.

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  1. If M$ starts to make its own computers, the anti-trust lawyers everyone will simultaneously squirt. Then, tose former M$ partners will embrace and enhance Linux. I can see small personal electronics, but computers for M$, I doubt.

  2. Macs are superior to Windows PCs? Intel Macs can run Windows so in essense they are Windows PCs. So Macs are superior to themselves? I guess even G-d can create a boulder that even He cannot lift.

  3. I’m thinking of quitting my job and becoming a tech writer. Evidently, you don’t have to say much beyond the obvious and often you don’t even have to be right. It’s kinda like being a weatherman…

  4. While Shaw Wu is dead-on with his analysis, MDN, you guys really need to avoid antagonizing people who are essentially “Friends of the Mac!”

    I mean, come on – Wu put out a positive report when the conventional wisdom is that there must be something wrong with Apple. Yes, it’s obvious. Yes, water is wet. But being snarky to the people who are positive about the Mac and Apple is a BAD editorial strategy.

    Give credit where credit is do. Save the attitude for the real idiots who deserve it. MDN’s take on this one does nothing to serve the cause of the Mac.

  5. Maybe they’ll give MS Bob a goatee and Bob will say cool things like “That song’s radical!” and “Your bifocals and pocket protector make me HOT, DUDE!”. Or maybe “DUDE! You’re getting a DELL DJ with a MS logo on it!”?

    I’ll bitch-slap the damn thing if I see a talking paperclip.

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