Martian Technology Releases SlingShot 2.0, now with iTunes synchronization

Martian Technology has released SlingShot 2.0, a major update to its network file synchronization application for Mac OS X. SlingShot 2.0 adds the ability to synchronize iTunes music (songs and playlists) between two or more computers connected over a network — the easiest way to back up all of your important (and costly) music.

With SlingShot 2.0, you can Publish an iTunes Playlist of music onto the network and then Subscribe to the Playlist from other computers. SlingShot will copy over any songs from the Published Playlist that aren’t in the Subcriber’s iTunes Library, add them to the Library, and then recreate the Playlist on the Subscriber. Then it will check periodically to see if the Playlist has been changed; any changes will be reflected in the Subscriber’s copy of the Playlist.

SlingShot is also still the simplest way to keep files (and now iTunes music) in sync between two or more Macs. By incorporating Apple’s “Bonjour” technology, SlingShot makes finding and connecting to other computers on a network easy. With SlingShot 2.0, it is now easier than ever to share and back up your music collection on all the Macs on a local network.

SlingShot 2.0 is available as a Universal Binary, supporting both PowerPC and Intel Macs, and requires Mac OS X 10.4 or newer. SlingShot 2.0 is a free upgrade for existing customers; new licenses can be purchased for $29.99. A free trial version of the application is available at

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  1. Even if this is only usable on a LAN, doesn’t this maybe break DRM? Or will it bring over any and all requested tunes then give you the “Not Authorized on This Computer” message if DRM is in play? This could lead to some serious “issues” if it starts breaking DRM on some Enterprise-level networks with thousands of linked systems.

  2. Should have checked the link. (DOH!) ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”sick” style=”border:0;” />

    It clearly states … a couple paragraphs down … that you need to Subscribe iTMS-purchased music on the new system. I’m still not 100% convinced that this will prevent a few stray tunes from getting “over-subscribed”, but it sounds like they’ve performed due diligence and the casual user will not be breaking DRM in any hurry.

  3. this is a feature which i think iSync should be all over. I have an iMac and a PowerBook and often downlaod tracks to one system or the other. How hard would it be for iSync to scan both libraries and cross-copy missing tracks? If it can do it for bookmarks and contacts it seems like it shouldn’t be a problem for tunes and playlists.

    Paying $30 for something which a current iApp should do is a little bit off, in my humble opinion. What do people actually use iSync for, especially if you don’t have .Mac?

  4. In my dormitory, Ourtunes–a java program that lets you copy shared music from one computer to another, was very convenient. This sounds like an even better way to do that same thing. Only problem is, iTunes only lets you share music with five computers per day, and ourTunes couldn’t find a way around that. I betcha if you have more than five computers hooked up to your network they can’t all share iTunes music at once with this software either.

  5. why would you want to sync your library of songs on two computers? why use up the hard drive space when you can stream music from one computer to another over the network?

    just turn on sharing in iTunes for the computer that has your music on it…open iTunes on the computer that doesn’t have the music on it…a new option shows up in the left hand column…and you pick the song or playlist you want to listen to…

    I use this all the time and it works perfectly…

  6. kfloydh, because some people have a desktop and a laptop, and want to make sure they can carry all their tunes with them when they travel ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  7. kfloydh: why would you want to sync your library of songs on two computers? why use up the hard drive space when you can stream music from one computer to another over the network?

    … because my PowerBook nearly always stays at the office and my iMac always stays at home. I add music at both places, and would like an easy way to sync up every now and then. The problem also applies to metadata. I sometimes edit some info on one computer and would like a way of avoiding having to repeat this on the other one. This can end up being very labour intensive. I have been getting by with Smart Folders for now but there has to be a more efficient way.

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