Windows Vista rips-off Mac OS X at great hardware cost (and Apple gains in the end)

“Now that anyone can get a copy of Windows Vista Beta 2, one can see first hand just how much Microsoft admires OS X. I know when I first saw it in all its glory at CES this year, I kept mummering to myself, ‘That’s from OS X…that’s from OS X…that’s from OS X,’ until the Microsoft project manager that was giving the demo told the crowd what hardware demand was needed. Ya, that was all Microsoft,” SvenOnTech writes.

“If you haven’t seen the next version of Microsoft Windows, then Lifehacker [Windows Vista Beta: A lot like Mac OS X] has some side-by-side (well, top-by-bottom) comparisons to show you… As Vista drags on toward its ultimate release date, OS X will continue to grow in market share,” SvenOnTech writes. “With the growing number of daily insecurities of Windows (which has plagued Vista betas as well), users will soon grow tired of Microsoft and move on. The extra hardware need may be that final straw, to use a cliche.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft. Making bad upside down and backwards copies of Apple’s Mac OS for over two decades. And now Gawd-awful Mac keyboards, too! It’s no wonder that Microsofties have no pride. What a sad, bloated company from which to collect a check for sitting in a cubicle playing Solitaire when you’re really supposed to be cooking spaghetti, er… coding Windows Vista.

Hopefully, the “Get a Mac” ads get them into the Apple Stores to see Tiger in action or this will happen: Analyst: Windows Vista may still impress many consumers because they have not seen Apple’s Mac OS X – January 05, 2006

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  1. OMG! They were blatant this time.

    If memory serves….Law suits for stealing look and feel of software are not that successful. I think Lotus 1-2-3 vs. Quatro comes to mind. Well I for one know who makes the OS that looks out for my data, my personal information security, and provides reliable service in the long term. MS can never confuse me when it comes to those issues.

  2. Yes … much of Vista’s “new features” are rip-offs of current OS X features.

    Care to talk about who had Fast User Switching first?

    How about document sharing?

    Spend less time noticing who is ripping off which features and take a moment to consider who is “Making bad upside down and backwards copies”. Doing it right is more important than doing it first. At least when Apple rips off Microsoft, they generally do a better job of implementing whatever it is they are copying.

  3. They rip off this, we rip off that. There are only so many ways of doing things. That’s why copyrights and patents on software are just ludicrous.

    You find your code in a Microsoft app any you really have been ripped off. Microsoft hasn’t been caught doing that since they started trying to make XP secure. I guess they’ve been too busy.

  4. Apple doens’t do their development in a vacuum, so of course MS has had some influence on some of their ideas but the sharing between the two companies is far from fair.

    I’m really tired of poeple using fast user switching as evidence of MS innovating ahead of apple. FUS is not a new or novel idea. After using a multi user computer for 5 minutes it becomes an obvious feature, and has been part of mainframe/super computer operating systems for years. MS didn’t invent the idea but they got to it faster than Apple. Good for them. From 11/2001 till 10/2003 MS was ahead on that game, but that advantage is now gone and it was never evidence of vision or creativity. TRy actually using FUS on a computer with only 512 MB RAM and tell me whose FUS actually works best.

  5. The face can’t change the hard fact:

    Mac OS X uses a UNIX kernel, much more stable and secure, making it almost (I’m saying ALMOST) free of viruses and malware.

    Windows Vista STILL uses the old NT kernel, being an open door to viruses and malware, etc., not to mention security exploits, crashing, and all the inherited annoyance from NT/2000/XP. It still uses the old installation process (compared to the much cleaner .app process, inherited to NeXT), and it is, in the end, XP with a different face.

    So, to make Vista “better” will require much more than a facelift. They can copy and copy the GUI, but the bottom line is, which kernel is better? UNIX has a history of stability. NT, well, you read the news.

  6. Fast User Switch? Microsoft “innovation” ??

    OK, OK, switching users has been (and still is) a standard in UNIX since I remember it. You want to change users? You can use su, and that will change faster than anything.

    Of course, that was part of NeXTstep, and therefore, inherited by Mac OS X. All what the Apple guys did was to make a very nice GUI mask to SU into another account. It was just the natural evolution of NeXTstep.

  7. The funny thing is that no Windows users will know that Vista is a ripoff of Mac OS X because Apple doesn’t advertise what Mac OS X has to offer.

    None of the Ads show us Mac OS X in action, just two bozos talking.

  8. for MS show Windows in action either, not in the kind of detail you’re talking about where people would learn who ripped off what feature.

    And there’s a reason ads don’t get into technical details like that. Nobody would pause on their way to the crapper for something boring like that.

    It’s not boring if you use it, but it’s boring on TV. Talk ABOUT what you can do, but don’t SHOW it! Not in 30 seconds on a low-res TV, please.

  9. One thing MS can’t copy is OS X’s guts.

    Security, stability, and advanced under-the-hood features have to be built in the hard way. You can’t rip those off with a paint program.

    And I won’t mention Apple’s legendary fit-and-finish, which can only be done when you control both the OS & the hardware it runs on.

    WinBoys, you’re welcome to edit your icons between Windows Defender interruptions & mysterious driver issues. The truth is glaring.

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