Windows Vista rips-off Mac OS X at great hardware cost (and Apple gains in the end)

“Now that anyone can get a copy of Windows Vista Beta 2, one can see first hand just how much Microsoft admires OS X. I know when I first saw it in all its glory at CES this year, I kept mummering to myself, ‘That’s from OS X…that’s from OS X…that’s from OS X,’ until the Microsoft project manager that was giving the demo told the crowd what hardware demand was needed. Ya, that was all Microsoft,” SvenOnTech writes.

“If you haven’t seen the next version of Microsoft Windows, then Lifehacker [Windows Vista Beta: A lot like Mac OS X] has some side-by-side (well, top-by-bottom) comparisons to show you… As Vista drags on toward its ultimate release date, OS X will continue to grow in market share,” SvenOnTech writes. “With the growing number of daily insecurities of Windows (which has plagued Vista betas as well), users will soon grow tired of Microsoft and move on. The extra hardware need may be that final straw, to use a cliche.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft. Making bad upside down and backwards copies of Apple’s Mac OS for over two decades. And now Gawd-awful Mac keyboards, too! It’s no wonder that Microsofties have no pride. What a sad, bloated company from which to collect a check for sitting in a cubicle playing Solitaire when you’re really supposed to be cooking spaghetti, er… coding Windows Vista.

Hopefully, the “Get a Mac” ads get them into the Apple Stores to see Tiger in action or this will happen: Analyst: Windows Vista may still impress many consumers because they have not seen Apple’s Mac OS X – January 05, 2006

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  1. “If memory serves….Law suits for stealing look and feel of software are not that successful.”

    Yeah, I seem to remember one between Apple years ago and . . . . .s o m e b o d y.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  2. Favorate quotes from comments on the Lifehacker article:

    “It’s like that kid in school who everyone thought could draw but come to find out he was only tracing out of Highlights for Children and adding funny captions”

    “Like a donkey braying in response to an opera singer”


  3. The New MeeCrow$oft slogans.

    MeeCrow$oft, innovation by copied.

    MeeCrow$oft, inspired by Apple

    MeeCrow$oft, monopoly by copying & bullying

    MeeCrow$oft, it is NO SHAME to imitate.

    MeeCrow$oft, dare to follow.

    MeeCrow$oft, dare to be second.

  4. He wrote “With the growing number of daily insecurities of Windows (which has plagued Vista betas as well)……”

    Does anybody know exactly what these insecurities are that have plagued Vista ?

    I thought that security was supposed to be the big ( only ) selling point with Vista.

  5. I have a feeling (hope, really) that Leopard may be advertised once Vista comes about. Hopefully, some really cool whiz-bang stuff that translates well to tv.

    Like, showing how Windows can be kept safe, by eliminating it– running Windows applications without Windows. All the convenience, less the crap.

    Oh, dare to dream.

  6. “With the growing number of daily insecurities of Windows (which has plagued Vista betas as well), users will soon grow tired of Microsoft and move on.”

    This statement makes it sound like any month now we’re finally going to START seeing the market share shift – even if its slowly. But I just don’t see it.

    There’s a frequent poster that likes to call him/her self “Realitycheck” or some such thing. Well here’s a reality check. Inspite of everything OS X is still only about 5% of market share – blah blah blah. If things are going as well as I want to think they are for Mac, it seems that after a year of exponentially more publicity, a butt-load of new and awesome products, a Wall Street presence unparalled in Apple’s history, and considering MS’s latest behemoth, Mac should be tipping the scales toward a healthy 8-10% share… What’s up?

    Really, I just don’t get it. We’re still posting a relative 5% market share? Isn’t the the consumer pc market bigger than the enterprise share? And if so, isn’t the Mac growing a lot faster in the consumer market than the enterprise?

    Seems to me if things we’re going even half as well as this article makes it sound, Macs should already be posting verifiable point increases in market share. MDN’s take over the last vew months has been, “Assimalate and conquer”, but I honestly just don’t see it. Anybody know what’s really going on?

  7. I find even more funny that noone has really noticed that on the developer versions of Tiger the widgets were actually in the directory /Library/Gadgets and ~/Library/Gadgets . And for an even funny look at it, previous versions of widgets had the extention name .gadget . M$ has blatantly stolen from apple and thier Developer releases of 10.4 by name. As such they have violated Apple’s developer license.

  8. Been using both platforms since the the early 90’s. It comes down to which one you’re comfortable with. My first was a PC that required booting into DOS to use it. Windows has progressed, but the Mac and Next have been and are the R&D dept. of computers. I make money off of using both, but only enjoy the experience on my Mac. The Apple stores allow people to play with the OS, something Ads doesn’t do. No matter what, Apple needs a face lift, OS X is five years old and still looks like it did three versions ago. M$ now looks better. Apple, I hope you’ve upped the Wow factor with the next update.

  9. “Anybody know what’s really going on?”

    Billions of dollars on the line?
    Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is still a viable weapon?
    Most people are too lazy to care? (my friends included)

    I’m not sure there is a huge problem as long as Apple makes a profit, innovates, and keeps the evilness/arrogance under control.

  10. M$ and Windows will not disappear, nor fade into obscurity. But, with time, its dominance will certainly fade. The only thing we can count on is that nothing stays the same.

  11. Just installed beta two of this POS on my spare work laptop. Holy crap what warmed over junk. Microsoft as usual has done everything poorly. Everything is slow and clunky. All lame ripoff’s of whats been in past and current versions of OS X. Every window and every program that opens take up like 90% of the screen even at resolutions where its hard to see the buttons clearly and read the text.

    I think the best thing you could say about Vista is its the best M$ systems since ME.

  12. Jay, I don’t care how tired you are of hearing that Microsoft had FUS first. You should have figured that out when I said Doing it right is more important than doing it first.
    As for using systems that can have more than one person logged on at a time – which is only vaguely related to FUS – I’ve been using them since the ’70s and FUS is a bit more than that.

    Want a step ahead? Rip off Sun and HP for a change! Take a look at Common Desktop Environment! Right now I need to switch from my DL account to my Artist account to FUS from games and browsing to web site creation – just too crowded, otherwise. I should be able to have two, four, or even eight different “functions” without having to log in/switch again.

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