Benchmarks differ between white and black MacBooks?

“Aside from the case color, the only other difference between the white and black 2GHz MacBook is the hard drive—a 60GB 5,400-rpm drive in the white model and an 80GB, 5,400-rpm one in the black. And if you were to look at their scores on our overall system performance testing tool, Speedmark, you would find data to back up that position,” James Galbraith writes for Macworld.

“However, the differences in some of the individual tests that make up Speedmark were big enough that we rushed the black the MacBook back from its offsite photo shoot to run some more tests. After testing the white 2GHz MacBook and comparing the results to the published scores of the black model, we saw small performance differences in many of the tests, with the edge going to the white model in most cases. Retesting leveled out a few tests (though I can’t explain why), but still shows the white 2GHz model performing better than the black model, most notably in our Compressor MPEG-2 Encoding test and our iMovie test applying the Aged video effect to a clip,” Galbraith writes. “With the systems shipping with identical processors, RAM and graphics, we focused our testing attention on the hard drive.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “TruthDetector” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Duh, almost everyone knows that black absorbs light better than white, so… uh, so that means… aw, forget it.

(Remember, all processors are not precisely equal. The actual performance measurement of your Mac’s CPU will probably vary slightly with another of the same model Mac. Other components all have slightly different tolerances (RAM, etc., so what Macworld found is a random instance. You could grab another black MacBook and find it to be slightly faster than both of their other models. In other words, the color of the case doesn’t matter, but luck does – the differences are very slight regardless.)

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  1. The good guy always wears white ( or some other light color ) while the bad guy always wears black (or some dark color ). In the movies good always wins…… so since movies are based on real life ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue rolleye” style=”border:0;” /> Then of course the laws of Movieism would apply to computers……. aka Good always wins

  2. “Duh, almost everyone knows that black absorbs light better than white, so… uh, so that means…”

    …that the black MacBook gets hotter because it absorbs the light and translates it to heat. As we all know, when heat is introduced to electronic equipment, bad things happen. In this case, it causes the computer to go slower.

    Why do you think Windows laptops are so slow?

  3. At 2 GHZ (or 2,000 MHZ,) a 1/2% increase in one unit and a 1/2% decrease in another could mean a 20 MHZ speed difference between processors. Compound that with slight differences in RAM speed, hard drive speed, hard drive fragmentation and small differences in system processes while running the tests and the results don’t seem too surpising, especially considering the small sampling size.

  4. Does this make sense? Just how does a hard disk manufacturer increase the internal size other than to – just add another platter. If you add another platter then it also follows that you are adding another read-write head. This means that the logical cylinders of data you are writing too are larger (read taller) and disk access times should decrease. If the times are indeed decreasing then it would not be too unreasonable to surmise that the hard disk platters are wider, though I thought this wasn’t the normal way of increasing capacity. larger platters mean a greater distance for the disk to spin when accessing data at the outer rim and hence a greater time taken for the disk to spin to the right bit of data to place it underneath the read-write heads.

    Anyway, if you are really counting on performance then you’ll purchase the MacBook Pro, so perhaps this isn’t really much of an issue?

  5. I would think the white would get hotter b/c white is worse at radiating heat back out to the environment.

    Unless Apple figured out a way to make the emmissivity of a white object more than that of a black object. Quick check patents, that would be the biggest breakthrough yet!

  6. Cause white MacBooks work harder than black Macbooks.

    Black MacBooks act like we owe them something.. and resent being told what to do.. while White MacBooks just go with the flow and take it….trying to contribute to society.

    Everyone knows this.

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