Apple’s Fifth Avenue glass elevator traps group of customers

“Not eight days after Apple’s new flagship store was unveiled, Stevie J.’s fantastical glass elevator began acting a bit wonky, first opening and shutting its doors, then finally sealing in its passengers on the upper level,” Ryan Block reports for Engadget. “Apple store employees worked their hardest to release the bunch, but eventually the NYPD had to be called; the elevator’s hydraulic system had to be drained, and the confined group was let out in the store’s bowels (i.e. lower level).”

Full article with a photo of group stuck in the elevator here.

More pictures directly from the source:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Judge Bork” and “MPC Guy” for the heads up.]
According to Block’s report, for their trouble, the freed customers were given their freedom and nothing else after spending 45 minutes in Apple’s fishbowl. Bad form, Apple.

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  1. “According to Block’s report, for their trouble, the freed customers were given their freedom and nothing else after spending 45 minutes in Apple’s fishbowl. Bad form, Apple.”

    Why should Apple give them anything? Elevators break down. I know it’s pathetic that an elevator broke after only eight days, but why should Apple give them anything? It’s not like the people were injured in any way.

    BTW: Why is this even news? An elevator broke. Big whoop!

  2. Bad form Apple!? Please. People have such a sense of entitlement these days. Yes it’s HORRIBLE that people were trapped and delayed for 45 minutes. However they aren’t entitled to a free gift. I get stuck in traffic every day for an hour but the state isn’t waiting at home with a fscking snowcone and a corndog for me.

    No one got hurt. It was an inconvenience. That’s all. They could see around and see that help was on the way. That’s more than people get when they’re stuck in regular elevators. Besides it probably gave the captives a good opportunity to either A. Deliver a baby (i.e. Saved By The Bell) or B. Have a cooky flashback episode (i.e. insert shitty sitcom here).

  3. I take that back about not giving them anything. according to a cnet blog article, they “burn and blister their hands from the hot lights in the shaft while climbing out.” Free $25 iTunes gift certificate for them!

    Also, Apple did give them something – free bottled water! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

    However, I still stand by my opinion: Why is this news?!?

  4. Look like fish trapped in a fish bowl.

    I heard that the Apple techs told the people if it got too cold in the elevator they could start up their new Macbooks to keep warm….all huddle around the pile of glowing Macbooks singing campfire songs….

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