Apple Store Perimeter to celebrate grand opening in Atlanta on June 3

Apple will hold a grand opening celebration for their newest retail store, Apple Store Perimeter, located in the Perimeter Mall in Atlanta. This will be Apple’s third retail store in Georgia (already open: Alpharetta, North Point and Atlanta, Lenox Square).

Apple Store Perimeter
4440 Ashford-Dunwood Road
Atlanta, Georgia 30346

The first 1,000 people to visit the Apple store will receive a free Apple Store Perimeter T-shirt. The new retail store will also present several free demos, presentations, and workshops.

Visitors can also enter the Grand Opening Sweepstakes to win a Digital Lifestyle Collection valued at US$2229. The winner will receive a 17-inch flat-panel Intel Core Duo iMac, an iPod nano, a Canon PowerShot SD450 digital camera, a Sony Handycam CCD-TRV138, and an HP Deskjet 5440 printer.

More Apple Store Perimeter info here.

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  1. AAPL stock is going DOWN. Apple computer prices are going UP. Meanwhile, their competitor’s computer prices are going DOWN.


    Obviously, no. Just as obviously, to anyone not affected by RDF induced blindness, is that Apple hasn’t introduced a truely innnovative computer product since the iMac G5, and even the ones they have introduced have largely been star-crossed. Not including the price hikes on all their entry level products, we’re also seeing Yonah revealed as one hot, energy hungry CPU after all, the Rosetta performance hit on some crucial apps (Photoshop especially), and questionable decisions on what features to keep/drop on the laptop line. The Macintel switch was supposed to be all about bringing Insanely Great new products to market, but that’s just not happening. In fact, it seems the time it’s taking to complete the transisition, plus the extra expense of using Intel parts, is clearly slowing things down substantially when it comes to new product rollouts.

    Apple was riding a nice 40% sales wave in computers, right before Jobs announced the switch. Unfortunately, we might soon be looking at those as the Good ‘Ol Days.

    Good thing we still have iPod. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool smirk” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I don’t understand why Apple wouldn’t open up a store in the Mall of Georgia area? It only makes sense that they should build near where the largest mall in the state is located. Not to mention a ton of Tenn and S. Caroliners visit.

  3. All Apple Stores should be open 24 hours. Not just the NY one. I was riding my bike last night and I was right near an Apple Store. Nothing would have made me happier than being able to shop shop shop at 3 am, but that just wasn’t going to happen since I don’t reside in NY. It’s despicable. I guess it makes sense if stores in cities fewer than 1,000,000 peeps don’t have 24 hour stores (even though they should), but I live in Chicago, and we could really use one. I’m positive that LA, Boston, Seattle, Denver, Houston, etc. could all have profitable 24 hour stores as well.

    However, 3 weeks ago I had never even imagined a 24 hour Apple store, so maybe I shouldn’t be so upset.

  4. This is the Atlanta area mall we like best, so really glad the store is finally coming here. We don’t live in Atlanta area, have to drive about 130 miles to get to it, but we occasionally go there for a night out, etc. maybe a Braves game…

    MDN Magic Word: (ssshhhh, quiet please) “effect”, as in, “This will have a very good effect on Apple’s bottom line…”. Effect, the word is effect…

  5. MDN Magic Word: “issue”, as in, “ya’ll come up with something good….” I’m tired…already filed one report today… too much work…

    effect/affect both might work for Apple…

  6. I’m VERY excited to see that the new store is opening this weekend. Why? Caue I work in the same mall. About a 5 minute walk.

    i have to, unfortunately, open the store that day, so I can’t make it (till lunch anyways), but a family member (God bless them) has offered to possibly go down and get me a shirt. Yay!

    justin cash

  7. Dimplemonkey:

    The reason is that the Dunwoody area is very affluent and close to Brookhaven district, The Arts Institute of Atlanta, lots of biz/traffic there. This is the demographics that Apple looks for its stores.

    Mall of Georgia while nice is much further out of the city and it doesn’t have as many attractions, upscale restaurants/stores, and biz as Dunwoody.

    Maybe it will change in the future

    I’ll be there

  8. Well, the Perimeter store opened. And as I sit here, I’m sporting the Perimeter store shirt. The store, unfortunately, isn’t as big or nice as Lenox. But that’s to be expected. It is a nice sotr though. But nothing new/different from any other Apple store out there.. except that there isnt a teaching/learning ampitheater in the back.


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