Dvorak thinks iPod+Nike Sport Kit is ‘nutty’

“Apple has teamed up with Nike to produce an odd tennis shoe that will allow, among other features, the music to change on the user’s iPod to better match their specific jogging requirements. In other words if you are headed up a tough hill the music selection will change to some motivational music to get you over the top,” John C. Dvorak writes for MarketWatch. “Does this sound a little nutty to anyone else but me?”

“I’m certain that in the category of ‘who needs it?’ this product will sell like hotcakes because right now Apple has the Midas touch,” Dvorak writes. “The irony here is that Jobs has become that sugar water salesman but hasn’t noticed it yet. Let’s face it, the iPod is sugar water of a different sort.”

Dvorak goes on and on and on with his boring, contrived premise in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, to anyone whose sole concept of running centers around how they get from the parking lot to the all-you-can-eat buffet line, the iPod+Nike Sport Kit would seem nutty. To runners, it doesn’t – not in the least. The iPod+Nike Sport Kit’s target market does not include bloated windbags. To repeat: non-runners will not understand the product and runners will get it. In fact, if we can’t get the sensor to work with our preferred Adidas running shoes, gulp, we’re going to switch to Nike’s just for this product.

How the iPod+Nike Sport Kit works video:

Direct link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVDEXzxZWQw

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  1. Dvorak doesn’t get it, that’s why he’s a tech writer and not actually doing anything in the industry. And he’s a crummy tech writer at that.

    Not to mention angry at the world.

    Repeat after me John:
    iPod as platform
    iPod as platform
    iPod as platform


    MW life, as in John needs one.

  2. His opinion is valid on this one.

    However, what is stupid is how he doesn’t acknowledge the fact that this is not nutty to others. I don’t feel like looking it up, but I am pretty sure he is one of the tech pundits that thought the entire concept of the iPod and its pricing was nutty when it first came out. As it turned out, there were a lot of people who bought one anyway.

  3. This bozo has the temerity to talk about my place in the world? He wouldn’t know good taste to save his life.

    So, what have we done since the iPod? How about multiple more iPods? How about the new iMac? The new MacBook? OS X Panther and Tiger and soon Leopard?

    How about Finalcut Pro HD, Logic, Aperture, and updates to our other PRO and consumer apps? Keynote? iTunes? iTunes Music Store? The most sucessful retial store in decades?

    Need I continue?



  4. Nice site, but if you are going to be part of the Apple ecosystem, a little design would go a long way.

    Too many ads and the ads in the body of the text are simply unacceptable.

    Otherwise, good job.

  5. The man is entitled to his opinion.

    I work out and bike all of the time. People that exercise a little bit won’t care for this but is a great option for people that are serious about fitness. There are devices that do this already but they are missing the music piece which apple brings to the table. Also I see in the future the ability download information to Excel on your Mac which is missing from today’s devices whose software only works in Windows.

    This is very doable.

  6. The whole concept of exercise is “nutty” to Dvorak.
    For him, exercise means “getting up from the couch to get more butter to put on his bacon.”
    For people who actually DO run, the idea is a great one. It’ll be much better when they can integrate a heart-rate monitor into the process, and, heck, while we’re at it, a GPS.
    Carrying one device while running is much nicer than three or four.

  7. I contend that Apple can only slice and dice so many niche markets before efficincies in manufacturing are lost. This may not be it – but someday they will reach a tipping point.

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