Apple quietly boosts MacBook Pro speeds

“Along with the introduction of new consumer MacBooks, the company also updated the speeds of the 15-inch MacBook Pro processors. The $1,999 MacBook Pro now ships with a 2.0GHz Intel Core Duo processor, while the $2,499 model now ships with a 2.16GHz Intel Core Duo chip. The company also added a new ‘Glossy’ display option to its build-to-order options for both the 15-inch and 17-inch MacBook Pro at the Apple Store,” MacNN reports.

Full article here.

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  1. Quiety? Why do you always say quietly?

    How would you prefer it to be?

    Trumpets blaring? Guns firing. Maybe Steve could ride a unicycle around the front of One Infinite wearing a sandwich board, holding sparklers and banners while screaming out the specs over a bullhorn.

    You imply that somehow they are being sneaky about it? Why?

  2. Trying to get Apple to take it back because it’s more of a hot stove top (and bottom) than it is a laptop. In fact, put it on your lap at your own risk. This upgrade will only make it hotter still.

    Apple rushed this thing to market to take advantage of their own hype about faster machines. Crap.

  3. I’ve Got One: me too. And, your right. Sitting in the store it’s fine, but do anything graphics with it and look out!

    Next upgrade will be marketed as a really “Cool” laptop to counter the troubles with their introductory, hurried up, Intel laptop.

  4. Apple quietly made the MacBook Pro’s underside hotter.
    Not that that’s a bad thing. People want faster. You can always reduce the speed/heat of the CPU if heat is more important to you. You CAN do that with Intel chips, right?

  5. I put mine in my lap. The center bottom gets hot, but the edges aren’t burning. I’ve found that they vary quite a bit. I’m going to guess that the updated ones are probably better rather than worse.

  6. Yes, and from what I have noticed the mac book pro rarely runs at full speed – getting too hot – especially not if yo need the speed. just disappointing at the least.

  7. ok, so let me get this straight: we finally have laptops that are as fast as desktos (portability AND power) and now, people are complaining about them being too hot?! Gimme a break! Hell if you’re unhapy with your MBP, send it to me – if you can’t appreciate it, maybe someone else could.

  8. I read up on it, and the MacBook Pros are running about 30 degrees F hotter than needed due to excess heat sink compound. My MBP is running in the 80s Celsius when CPU usage is heavy. The funny thing is that after people reapply the heatsink compound correctly, the temp drops to around 68 Celsius under high CPU usage – but the fans come on far more often. Apple calibrated the cooling fans to the heat sink, so that when you make more efficient use of it by using less heat sink compound, the fans are triggered more often.

    Personally, I’d rather have a hot and quiet MacBook Pro than a cool and loud one.

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