Close-up Apple MacBook photos (keyboard, glossy screen, and more)

“Apple Computer on Tuesday unveiled its newly designed MacBook consumer notebook, which features Intel Core Duo processors and a new 13-inch glossy widescreen display, elegantly wrapped in a sleek industrial design reminiscent of the company’s existing professional line of MacBook Pro notebooks. Together with the 15-and 17-inch MacBook Pros, the new MacBook completes Apple’s Intel-based portables lineup replacing both the iBook and the 12-inch PowerBook,” AppleInsider reports.

“A tipster who swung by an Apple retail store in Chicago was able to snap some of the first detailed photos of the black high-end model. The images show close-ups of the notebook’s glossy widescreen display, keyboard, built-in iSight, track pad, infrared port and completely magnetic latching system,” AppleInsider reports.

Full article with photos here.

MacDailyNews Take: What do you think about that keyboard? Apple states on their website, “MacBook features a unique new keyboard design that sits flush against the bed for a sleeker, lower profile. Plus, you’ll find a firmer touch when typing. That ought to make your fingers happy.”

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  1. that keyboard looks like it’s built for “style”, not for “utility”.

    Take a look at even a crappy $20 Dell keyboard and you will see the keys are gently curved to the shape of your fingers…I don’t know many people with flat fingers.

  2. Interesting keyboard– will have to see it in person to feel it. I’m not sure of dark keys, however, especially without backlighting. Makes me think of my old iMac DV. Hat that keyboard…

  3. At first glance it kinda looks like an IBM thinkpad. Only sexier.

    But that keyboard also looks strange… like a calculator’s even.

    It’s great to see nice piccies too (by someone who knows what they’re doing I mean.)

  4. I like the keyboard for one simple reason. It will be much easier to clean. When I type on my keyboard, I often get some strands of hair underneath the keys.. (thanks to all the nice shampoos that I use).

    The space between the keys is a definite plus to cleaning. I think of it this way. Currently, the keys are curved a bit around the edges. But, are we really using those space where the keys curve? No. We still keep our fingers on the center of the keys. All they have done right now is to end the keys at the point where they usually bend.

    I personally don’t think it’s a big deal.

  5. I still love the KB on my 12″ PB, and it will be hard to give up.

    Plus the MacBook is not only bigger, but weighs 1/2lb more (not clear if that is with the battery installed or not).

    Look at me lamenting the loss of my 12″ even before replacing it!

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