Vvidget: Free chart and graphing application for Mac OS X

“Vvidget is a chart and graphing system for OS X developed by VVI. Vvidget supports 2D/3D charts and graphs, layout of multiple graphics on a page (for creating complex data layout pages), premade palettes for a variety of graphs (including maps, 2D/3D charts, scatter and surface graphs) and can be integrated into Xcode to provide a framework for making automated graphs in Carbon and Cocoa applications,” David Gohara reports for MacResearch. “Vvidget has a lot of features that should be of interest to most scientists and is currently used by many companies for process control (pharmaceutical, power), financial data services and instrument control. Vvidget also comes with a custom web server that allows for the creation of automated graphs that serves as the basis for WebObjects integration and can be utilized for reporting and contracting services. And best of all, it’s completely free!”

Gohara reports, “Beyond my simple needs for what I wanted to do, Vvidget is one of those programs that seems to have a button or switch to control every parameter you could think of. With Vvidget you have the ability to create point tags (labels for specific points, which is what I wanted to be able to do), sophisticated vertex and knot editing, drag and drop palettes (and the ability to create custom palettes), importing data and export figures to PDF or as images. All of these features are in addition to the standard features you would expect to be present in any standard graphing application. The list of features is long (more information here), so it’s best that you check it out for yourself. Oh and did I mention, it’s free?”

Full article with links here.

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  1. After the install, Tiger popped up a warning message telling me that something just installed 2 items in my StartupItems folder. Sure enough, 2 folders are there. And that’s the System StartupItems, not the User. I didn’t like that so I took em out before I ever ran the app. Seems to be fine without em.

    So why on earth is a generic app installing stuff at system startup????

    Oh, and Lil Snitch caught it TWICE phoning home (or somewhere). Once was a cryptic looking url and the other started with “mail.”.

    Are we sure this thing is legit?

  2. Oh, I forgot to mention, I never did do the Restart like they invite you to do with that big button after the install. That would have for sure executed those 2 things in the startup folder if I had left em there.

  3. It wants you to restart after you install it. What is going on with that.

    I was going to make up something funny like: They make their profit by taking control of the basic functions of your computer, turning it into a zombie and selling your private info, which of course requires a restart. Then I realized that that actually happens all the time, I just don’t have to worry about it. It suddenly became less funny when I realized that my humorous technology conspiracy/horror story is actually the daily grind for Windows.

    or maybe it makes it more funny.

    But really, how do these people make money?

  4. One of those two things in the StartupItems folder has the word “server” in its title.

    I think I’m going to remove this app even though I have Lil Snitch installed. I smell a rat.

  5. If it appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. Also, don’t install things that you don’t need. It’s like bringing a kid to a candy shop without a grocery list, impulsive things lead to unhappy endings.

  6. hi-

    Lance here, I help develop Vvidget. The StartupItems are: (a) To startup a graphing server on your computer and (b) to help with permissions with the install. (a) gets started everytime you start your computer and (b) gets run once after the install just to sort things out. They are both scripts and you can look at them to see what they do. If you have further questions please email feedback@vvi.com or bug@vvi.com (or me: lbland@vvi.com) so we can log them and then explain it on our docs and the installer. I put a request change for the explaination in the next version. How do we make money? Simple: We sell other software and services related to Vvidget, etc. You may want to join the Vvidget mail list, subscribe at: vvidget-on@vvi.com



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